Mobile Legends Leaks Reveal New Mage Hero Zhu Xin

Mobile Legends leaks revealed a new mage hero named Zhu Xin who carries a lantern as a weapon, with knock-up abilities and a considerably overpowered crowd control that temporarily lifts the enemies off the ground.


Zhu Xin resonates with a captivating Chinese aesthetic, with a lantern surrounded by a flutter of mesmerizing butterflies, adding a layer of cultural aesthetic to the game. But note that Zhu Xin is under development; hence, changes are expected sometime.

Zhu Xin’s Skills and Abilities

Passive Skill

Her passive skill, “Soul Lamps,” accumulates stacks and knocks up enemies upon reaching a threshold.

First Skill

Her first skill allows her to throw her lantern and inflict an Area of Effects within her targeted area, providing her with a Soul Lamp stack. This skill can be cast once again to move the Soul Lamp to another area.

Second Skill

Her second skill allows her to plant a flower that blooms, damaging enemies. And if the enemies are knocked up by her other skills, it will drag them to the center of the flower, setting a perfect set for combos.

Third Skill/Ultimate Skill

She releases a massive AoE attack that inflicts damage against the enemies within the area and adds Soul Lamp stacks that enable a knock-up effect at full stacks. With Zhu Xin’s AoE and crowd control abilities, it will be a great advantage for the team to dominate the team fight.

Note that this information is not yet confirmed by Moonton and is subject to change in the future before she officially arrives in the Land of Dawn.