Mobile Legends Leomord Hero Breakdown, Rose Mobile, Leaked Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about Mobile Legends Leomord Hero breakdown, Leaked Call of Duty Mobile gameplay, Rose Mobile, RoS Cheating Update, Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal Mobile Game, Super Animal Royale, and the Filipino made video game Blambox

RoS Cheating Update

  • Rules of Survival devs released another Survivor news detailing the bug fixes, updates and the 32nd ban list
  • as usual they said they are improving the game updating their anti cheat etc
  • but this is what we've noticed for the several weeks the ban rate of the game is always more than 500k
  • isnt this bothering you? this means there are more than 500k hackers and cheaters every week
  • and even just one of them would have ruined your game experience
  • in hindsight at least they are getting banned but it means next week there will be 500 thousand more
  • to be honest nakakasawa na
  • another thing to note is its Rules of Survival 32nd banned list
  • shouldn't hackers decrease instead of increasing?
  • there is something wrong and its getting annoying


  • A new Filipino made game called Blambox is now available in steam
  • Blambox is a score chasing arcade game running on Unity Engine
  • simple but hard to master as it can be compared to bullet hell type of games
  • Blambox is developed by Heavensward Games which was recently founded this year by Aj Hecali
  • a manila based game developer - galing
  • If you are interested in the game and would like to support Filipino developers
  • the game is available on steam for only 1.99 usd and the link is in the description

Rose Online Mobile

  • Last we talked about Rohan Online getting a Mobile version
  • but now it seems we have a new addition because this time Rose Online Mobile has been announced
  • To those who Rose or Rush on Seven Episode is still very active in Japan
  • and that new mobile game will be called Rose Online: Dreaming Goddess and Stars Journey - wow ang haba tawagin nalanag nating Rose Online Mobile in short
  • Currently, there are 4 base classes announced which include Rogue, Soldier, Mage, and Gunner
  • notice that Bourgois and Artisan are missing
  • maybe for now
  • currently, there is no release date announced, actually not even an English version has been detailed so will have to wait for more info

Fortnite Halloween Skins Leaked

  • Following the release of Fornite 6.01 update several skins have been
  • and that the leaked have the Halloween theme
  • according to data mined files, the leaked skins are
    • Eon
    • Double Helix
    • Hay Man
    • Straw Ops
    • and something named KPOP
  • For the gliders
    • Aurora
    • Field Wraith
    • Rotor
    • Dark Glyph
    • Helium
    • Rush
    • and Steadfast
  • For the unreleased pickaxes
    • Resonator
    • Thunder Crash
    • Harvester
    • and Pinpoint
  • there are also several black blings, emotes and other stuffs that have been leaked which are assumed to be released on the Halloween
  • Note that since this are leaked items so its still unsure if they will appear on the final release so will have to wait

Super Animal Royale

  • The newest PUBG or Fortnite killer is coming
  • and so far it looks cool, cute and deadly! haha
  • the game is called Animal Royale
  • another battle royale game with a spin
  • because this time you will be playing with murderous fox, panda, or sloth
  • the battle arena will support 64 players
  • Super Animal Royale is a top down based battle royal that borrow elements like parachute and looting in cartoon like graphics
  • you can find items by killing enemy animals or chopping tall grasses for hidden items
  • Super Animal Royal will also have customizations when it release like new outfits, tombstones, death explosion, weapons, dance moves and many more
  • Although the game is made of animals we are not sure if winner winner is an actual chicken dinner, that would be so meta

Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal Mobile Game
  • Good news Miku fans, after 2 years of development the Mobile rhythm game called Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal is now released
  • But there's a catch
  • the game is not in translated in English however you can still download and install it
  • here is the process
    • To download the game go the official website na miku dot qq dot com
    • then select a platform for iOS, Android and actually even PC
    • take note for iOS users you will need a Chinese app store account
    • So after downloading just login once using QQ Messenger or WeChat
  • then that's it you can start and play the game
  • haha masubukan nga

Call of Duty Mobile

  • If you remember recently Tencent and Activision announced they are developing a Call of Duty game for mobile
  • and this will be developed by Tencent’s best studio called Timi
  • Well now we have several screenshots of the game and from the looks of it the graphics look good
  • According to the report the Call of Duty mobile will combine maps, modes, and weapons from various Cod Titles
  • So expect to see characters like Ghost hopefully we don't have to pay for them like how skins works
  • Currently, there is no exact release date from the game but it seems the beta has started
  • Call of Duty Mobile is also reported to be exclusive in China hopefully the game will be available globally when it comes out

Mobile Legends Leomord Hero Spotlight

  • recently Mobile Legends released new details for their new hell knight hero Leomord and here are the skills and ability breakdown
  • Something to note going forward is that Leomord has two states or forms, first is the Human form and the 2nd is the mounted form when he is riding hes horse Barbiel
  • Leomord's Passive “The Oath Keeper” will grant him to deal guaranteed burst damage to heroes nearby him with 30% HP below
  • For his human form here are the skills
    • Momentum, this is where Leomord gains a shield that can be used to charge his attack
    • this will deal physical damage and slow units in the damage area
    • so the longer you charge the skill the higher the damage, however, this skill can be interrupted
    • 2nd is the Decimation Assault where Leomord quickly travels in square shape dealing physical damage and again slowing them
    • and third is the Phantom Steed where Leomord calls Barbiel to rush in the battle which will deal physical damage to enemy units on its path which will slow them
    • if Leomord gets into contact with barbiel hes state will be changed to mounted which will grant him a new set of skills
  • Now let's discuss the mounted state
    • Phantom Stomp is an ability where Barbiel leaps forwards dealing physical damage to enemy units then slowing them down
    • Then lastly Phantom Charge where Barbiel charges forward and knockbacks enemies in a lane.
    • This will deal physical damage
  • and that's Leomords skills and abilities if you notice most of hes skills is based on slowing down enemies
  • so what do you think? comment below!