Mobile Legends Ling Ling Nerf Adjustments Discussion

Here is the current nerf for Ling already applied in the original server


ATK Growth decreased from 10.25 to 8.25
Physical Defense Growth increased 0.6. Basic HP Growth increased 10 .

Defiant Sword: The Physical ATK Bonus decreased 5%. Now, each time hitting enemies with this skill, Ling restores 10 more HP. The energy cost adjusted from 40-30 to 35 at all levels.

Here is the upcoming nerf expected to be applied on January 2020.


Finch Poise: CD increased from 8s-7s to 11s-9s.

Why Ling is OP?

1. His late game damage is very high
2. Hard to kill not because he is tanky but he can dodge most attacks.
3. His first skill is very useful.

In the current patch, they actually nerf and buff Ling at the same time.

  • His attack growth was decreased. It means that as the game goes latter, the damage won't be as much as before. It affects both skills and basic attack damage.
  • His second skill damage was also directly nerfed.
Despite of this nerfs, he was buffed in terms of his defense stat.
  • His physical defense was increased.
  • His HP was increased.
This almost covers up his weakness early game!

The adjustment also give him better sustain in order for him to enter and escape teamfight by reducing the energy cost of his second skill and adding MORE HP Regen if he hits enemy using second skill.

That means he has enough HP to escape and energy to use skill 1.

So overall, his damage might been reduced but he is still OP.

What did the adjustment forgot to make Ling balanced?

It is the number 3 in our list a while ago.

His first skill!

The additional CD makes the buff in the current patch more balance since his escape will be delayed. He will wait until his first skill is available before he can regen energy in the wall or even escape successfully.

Some might argue that this is just a small nerf but actually if we look at the current META. Marksman are getting OP because of the red buff! So I think it is just balance to let an Assassin also be this OP.

What can you say about the adjustments? That is make the META balanced?


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I suggest they shouldnt just nerf assassins, specifically ling. They should also nerf marksman or better yet the red buff. Why? Because marksmen are supposed to be strong LATE game not early game. Yes I know there are other marksmen who are strong early game like kimmy because of her perk of bullying early in the game. But having almost all marksman, including the late game type, be strong early game makes the game unplayable. Especially for offlaners like me.

p.s. mages are the ones who should be strong early game.