Mobile Legends Ling M-World Skin Trailer Details - Ultimate Skill effects improved!

As part of their "515" event, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is releasing new skins for their heroes Wanwan, Ling, and Yin. This is part of the M-World skin series and Ling's skin is the second one to be released. The first M-world skin that was released is for Wanwan so now here are the details teased by the trailer posted in the official ML:BB YouTube channel, this time, for Ling.


If Wanwan turned into an idol for the M-World, Ling seems to maintained his assassin features. M-World Ling is a new look for Ling. He has white hair with some streak of blue colors. His eyes are also color blue. Blue is indeed the main color for this skin. Ling is wearing a blue coat and some protective gears. Even his sword is also colored blue. The shades of blue that are dominant in this skin are cyan and navy.


Not only his outfit but also the skill effects are full of shades of blue color. The most notable skill effect is of course for his ultimate skill. The circle area-of-effect glows as he moves around. His skill 2 coming from a wall also has a good effect because its area-of-effect is also circular.

Here is the official trailer of M-World Ling:

M-World Ling also has random idle animation and custom action in-themed with it. The skin is set to be released on April 23, 2022, ML:BB Server Time. Check out the final actual contents in-game.

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