Mobile Legends List of the Revamped Heroes - Ranked according to viability iOS Android 

There are six old heroes who were revamped: Layla, Miya, Eudora, Zilong, Alucard, and Saber. These revamped heroes received a significant changes in their abilities. This list won't include Tigreal and Alice since their adjustments doesn't change their mechanics.

The list will start from the least viable up to the most viable based on the current situation of the game.

1. Alucard


In terms of changes, the adjustment on his passive is actually the one that is significant which also affects his other skills. The additional lifesteal which he can now also have from using skills even without having a spell vamp stat increases his survivability. In terms of mechanics, the developer seems to make Alucard suitable for a Jungler. But the current situation still makes it hard for Alucard compared to other heroes that has their own crowd control effects. Teamfight-wise, it is still hard for Alucard. His adjustments seems more of a adaption to the new system rather than empowering him. Those are the reasons why he is the sixth in this list in terms of viability.

2. Eudora


Some might argue with this since in professional tournaments, Eudora is more likely to be picked than the other heroes that will be mentioned later on. In terms of changes, her passive was also the one which is very significant that it affects her other skills too. But compared to Alucard, the improvement in Eudora's abilities made her more viable. Besides, Eudora is already more viable than Alucard even before revamps were made. So now comparing to the other heroes to be mentioned in the latter part, Eudora lacks the adaptability to the new system.

3. Zilong


The adjustments in his passive and skill 2 really improved Zilong. These significant changes also made him adapt more to the new system. Both in laning or in jungle, Zilong has improved. What made Zilong only fourth in this list is because his scaling and carry potential is still a bit inferior compared to the next heroes to be mentioned. Yet, at least he can now has a better chance against other fighters especially in teamfights because of his enhanced skill 2.

4. Layla


From being the hero with the lowest win rate based on statistics before revamp, Layla now had even been the Top 4 most picked after the latest patch in the Legend and higher ranks. Her mobility is improved due to the changes im her skill 1. Higher damage also compensates for her lack of blink skill. Combining this to her passive, enemies will really have a hard time getting near her. Higher damage also speeds up her farming. Compared to the heroes previously mentioned, she has better chance in carrying the games because the new system which emphasizes the gold lane made Layla's adaptability to the battlefield's situation easier.

5. Miya


There won't be arguments in this one since statistically, objectively, or subjectively, whichever perspective players will look at, Miya has the most improvement. Although this list is not about who has the best revamp in improvement but this is in terms of viability. Lack of blink skill is still a deficit. But she has better abilities and potential than Layla although not compared to the next hero to be mentioned which is Saber.

6. Saber


This hero already made debut in MPL Season 6. His abilities are actually already good before rework and he already has potential. But his problem before is execution which makes it hard for him to jungle. The changes made with Saber especially the new mechanics of his skill 1 helped him both in having a faster jungle and higher damage output in teamfights. You can also combine this with his skill 2 that can even reset quickly for you to have an engage and disengage ability ready. Scaling is check. Mobility and Survivability is definitely better than the previously mentioned heroes. Carry potential? Still a check. Even in terms of adaptability since he is very effective as a jungler makes Saber definitely the deserving top hero for this list.

Have you tried out using these revamped heroes already? Hope this guide gives you enough information to decide on which hero will you use to help you win games this season. Stay tuned for more news and updates!