Mobile Legends Love 2 Play Event - How to win free skins, avatar border, and other rewards

In this Valentine's 2021, love will be shown by the abundant rewards to be given for free for the whole month of February. Here are the list of events and rewards that can be obtained


1. Preorder in the Party Box event on February 6th and login on February 13th for a chance to draw a Skin for free!


Starting February 6, this preorder event will be available in the event tab. This will help you mark the calendar and notify you when the free skin is available to be claimed!

2. From February 14-20, enjoy a 30% OFF discount on all Valentine Skins in the Valentine's Day event!


Skins starting from 2017 up to the newest Carmilla-Cecillion couple skin can be bought at a lower price!

3. Join the Gacha event on February 19th to win a permanent Avatar Border and Spawn Effect!


Everyone might already be familiar about this event. By doing tasks like logging in and teaming up with friends can give you an opportunity to claim the rewards!

4. Mayhem Mode returns for a limited time on February 19 to March 7!


Getting bored in playing the normal 5v5 modes, then try this one out!

5. Nostalgia returns on February 27 to March 15!


Another free skin event! You can choose which skin you want to be claimed after accumulating enough points by finishing the tasks.


These are just the highlights. The New Hero, Yve, will also join us in the Land of Dawn soon. Other items will also be added in the shop and there will also some events where you just need to join to claim rewards like Battle emotes and more!

Save the dates and stay tuned for more news and updates!