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Discussion in 'Mobile Legends' started by anonymous, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. anonymous

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    This a simple workaround for all Mobile Legends Philippine players who are suffering from extreme lag due to high ping. You can also check the sub ML forum for other guides and tips just don't forget to drop thanks.


    Use VPN
    Yes, its that simple, for pc users its simple you can use blue stacks while running WTFast or KillPing as this are more optimized for gaming connection.

    On mobile like android or iOS, on the other hand, is more complicated, you will need to do lots of testing or trial and error.

    Where can I get Android VPN?
    No need to crack or hack there are a lot of free in play store and app store just type VPN. You can use the free ones like Opera VPN, Rocket, Hotspot shield and more

    Finding the right region
    This is the hard part because in the Philippines there is what they call IP peering (which they said they fixed) so that PLDT, Globe, and Bayantel will have the same reliable connection but from my testing, it doesn't work like that. The regions you must connect are this Singapore, Japan, Hongkong no more don't try others if you are in the Philippines it will just give you high ping.

    You will need to mix and match ISP to a region, for example, PLDT connects better to Singapore while Bayantel and Globe to Hongkong. This will be trial and error base from the VPN you are using.

    Don't use HTTP injector or tunneling
    There are a lot of sites claiming the HTTP injector / ehi stuff will make it faster on my experience not a single one, why? well, put if simply for the injector you need to connect to a proxy which then connects to the site. The problem is the proxy what if it's unstable or actually further the real use for this is to bypass restricted sites

    If you still have high ping well it just means the area you right now have poor connectivity or you simply have a slow internet.

    Thanks to the facebook group

    Pls don't hit and run if you think this helps you kindly drop thanks below

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  3. Arr-xavier S. Tuttuh

    Arr-xavier S. Tuttuh
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    Now I know... Thank you Master
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  4. Wezzam

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    Team: Blcklist28

    ,,thanks master..
  5. aimskill

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    Boss gagana ba to kahit sa wifi ako naka connect? Kasi pag nasa lobby lang ako low ping lang pero pag nag find match ako nagiging 200 na help po ty
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  6. Niel ar niel

    Niel ar niel
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    Team: rich kid destroyer

    Thanks master keep sharing
  7. Poikilocytosis999

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    Wouldnt it eat up mobile data if connected non-wifi?
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  8. Mendang

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    Team: Mendang

    Need sitting fvpn for android device
  9. Meganaika

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    Is there any solution to lower my ping at mobile cp is S3 Samsung and Pldt dsl..?
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  10. dutete

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    May nadiscover ako na trick para maibsan ang mga sobrang naiinis sa unstable connection at lag ng Mobile Legends, magiging yellow ping hanggang maging green ping na pumapalo ng 60+ lang ang ping.

    Still on process pa rin at tinitignan kung talagang solution ito. Pero dapat may promo kayo gaya ng unlitext/call para kumagat.

    Gamit ko is TM

    Dapat, gamit niyong apn is default or
    Connect kayo sa injector then after that punta kayo Mobile Legends.

    Basically, makikita niyo agad ping is madugo or red.

    Create kayo game in Custom.
    Once na okay na, start game. Custom kasi, para sure na iwas defeat or demote lalo na sa mga nagrarank dyan tulad ko.

    Once na nandun na kayo sa game at nasa base, tignan niyo yung ping kung red pa din at delay yung movements.

    Switch window from Mobile Legends papuntang Injector without closing the game.
    Stop Injector tapos balik kayo sa game.

    Pansinin niyo na from red, magiging yellow at pag nagtagal, green ping na ranging from 60-70+ ms.
    Hindi ko naman sinasabi na laging gagana dahil kahit mismo sa akin, ayaw gumana minsan.

    Alternative solution muna habang naghahanap pa ako ng ibang trick.

    Proof? Kakatapos ko lang maglaro kanina at ganun trick gamit ko. Pictures, meron. Tignan niyo yung time ng game results para mas convincing

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Jowjey

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    Team: STG

    Bakit pg data ung gamit ko mataas ung ping ko pero pg naka connect lang ako sa hotspot ng ibang phone ayos naman ung ping Vivo V7 gamit
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  13. Eiserne

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    there some vpn apps po na medyo malakas kumain ng data allocation...
    pero thanks for info po :)
  14. niel alvariz

    niel alvariz
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    Team: mobile legend

  15. John Paul De Ocampo

    John Paul De Ocampo
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    Thanks sa info dude
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