Mobile Legends Lunar Fest 2023 Skin - Chang'e New Moon skin preview and details

The Chinese New Year is also being celebrated in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game annually. For the year 2023, the event is named Lunar Fest and for the exclusive skin, it will be a skin for the cute mage hero Chang'e. This suits the Year of the Rabbit theme since Chang'e has some bunny elements in her hero design. Here is a quick skin review of Chang'e - New Moon.


Chang'e is wearing a red outfit which is a common color seen during Chinese New Year. There are also some gold accessories not only in her clothing but also on the moon she is riding. Her moon is also well-designed to suit the overall theme. There's lantern near the top edge and a pot with a plant in the bottom beside Chang'e. This skin also has its own dedicated background and entrance animation that has fireworks.


For the skill effects, her basic attacks and skill projectiles looks like she is casting fireworks and lanterns. Another noteworthy skill effect is from her skill 2, Crescent Moon, as her shield has great designs. Her bunnies are around her to boost her defenses and enhances her attacks.

Here is the official preview of this skin:

This skin has just been released in-game. Players can now check out the actual contents. The preview above is in high quality and thus, the actual visual effects in-game may vary according to the player's device and ML:BB setting. This skin can be bought in the Shop for a certain amount of diamonds depending on the existing discount and other in-game benefits.

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