Mobile Legends Lunox Butterfly Seraphim Skin Review

The new skin Lunox - Butterfly Seraphim is a Luckybox exclusive epic skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

Lunox is very beautiful in this skin. The color of her wings still reflects her order and chaos identities. There are two butterflies on her shoulders representing order and chaos too.

Entrance Animation

The entrance effects is made simple but the concept is awesome! Lunox enters as she was born as a seraphim. She came out from a flower. It shows her beautiful back and flawless skin. Then her wings appears along with two mini butterflies.

Skill Effects

For her basic attacks, she casts a five-petal flower.

For her first skill in order form, she casts the light yellow glowing butterflies. In chaos form, the dark butterfly she casts also glows. The path of her first skill glows too.

For her second skill, there are butterflies on the path. The borders also look great. It shows butterfly wings.

For her ultimate skill in order form, she will transform into a smaller butterfly along with more butterflies around her. In chaos form, a circle with dark blue color whirls around her and slowly fades. When it is about to fade, the chaos butterflies will be visible.

The skill effects in her ultimate chaos form is the best! Especially if combined with her infinite chaos skill.

Overall, this is an awesome and beautiful skin. It is a better version of her previous skins.

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Photo credits to a2zei