Mobile Legends Lunox Divine Goddess Legend Skin in Magic Shop after Project NEXT 2023 update

One of the upcoming skins that will come during the huge midyear update of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game this 2023 is the Legend skin of the mage hero, Lunox. A preview of this skin is posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel and it showcased the improvements for the upcoming Legend skins starting from this one. The huge update is part of the Project NEXT, an ongoing development series of the game.


Lunox' Legend skin is named "Divine Goddess". In this skin, she is wearing an eastern-themed clothing that is commonly seen worn by priestess or shrine maidens. As for her duality power, this time is she has bird power for her order or light form while fish represents her chaos or dark power. The trailer also showed that this skin's lore is somehow connected with the legend skin of Franco and a Dyrroth's skin.


For the skill effects, her first skill is now more emphasized and the coloring of her order and chaos form are more highlighted. It is not pale but looks sharp in order for players to easily recognize what attacks she is casting. All of her non-ultimate skills and basic attacks also has splash effects that looks like water droplets or sharp splinters depending on her form. Her ultimate skill receives a huge upgrade on visuals as it involves the whole screen as shown in the preview. A short animation bordering the whole in-battle screen will pop-up to highlight Lunox using her ultimate skill.

Here is the preview of Lunox - Divine Goddess and this also includes a side-by-side comparison of her ultimate skills in this skin.

The preview didn't specify the release date of this skin but based on the latest advance server patch note, this skin will be released at the same day or several hours after the official server update. The update might happen hours before June 27, 2023 MLBB Server Time and will take some time to stabilize the game before Lunox - Divine Goddess will be added in Magic Shop. The Magic Shop can be seen in the Shop tab in-game and it is expected to be just added to the current pool of Legend skin and no new event will be added in dedication of the Project NEXT 2023 first Legend skin release after update.

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