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Apr 22, 2019
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Lunox is known as a Mage Tank Killer. She can melt down the tankiest tanks like an Enraged Minotaur, Grock and Khufra.

Moonton haven't adjusted her in a while since they think she is balance. Why? It is because of her weakness. She don't have the movement and mobiility that is why Sprint or Flicker is required.

But her ultimate in Order/Light Form is also her main mobility skill. That is why for me, she is OP. Her damage is so much especially in early game. Her first skill also heals her a lot making her harder to kill because of her HP and damage sustain.

Lunox can carry a team BUT you need a good tank and a fighter. Why? She is not as all around as Harith. She has weak jungling capability early game and is also weak in push.

A team composition without a Marksman is still good as long as the Mage and Assassins steps up the game. For example, a team that compose of Grock, Minotaur, Lunox, Thamuz, and Selena. This set up is common in Mythic Glory but not often applied in Legend below which still needs a Marksman for late game security.

Why Learn Lunox?

Lunox is able to deal huge amount of burst damage to targets from midrange.

She can completely negate various skills and abilities for a period of time by using her light Ultimate.

She has great sustain capabilities and is able to heal huge amounts from using starlight pulse (light skill) on a wave of minions or grouped enemies

One of the strongest early-game heroes in the game, able to take on even 2 enemies head-on early game if not cc locked.

Able to solo gank a full hp enemy once level 4 with her burst

Strong Mid-Late Game when positioned correctly. Incredibly hard for enemies such as chou or akai to lock you down or try to engage you because of your light form ultimate

Has Huge AOE damage potential when enemies group, using her light skill, Skill 3, and light Ultimate

Her fast ultimate cooldowns allow her to enter in and out of combat multiple times within the same battle

Lunox consumes huge amounts of mana, especially when spamming her Chaos Ultimate. This makes Demon Shoes (Mana boots) essential for her. Taking the buff is also highly vital for mana sustain, otherwise you will have to back every single time you use a full Chaos ultimate and burst combo.

Lunox is fairly hard to master fully, but is moderately easy to play at a beginner level.

If you are below Epic rank, and have not experienced rank drafting yet, it is important to note that Lunox has a tendency to be banned throughout epic to mythic ranks because she is quite OP especially in the current Season 12.

Skills Analysis

Basic Informations

Passive: Lunox has 2 forms, Order and Chaos.

Cooldown does not affect Lunox's skills; instead, it gives her bonus magic penetration in Chaos form, or bonus resistance in Light form.

There are 4 passive tiny orbs below her hp bar that indicate the form she's in, this will change her passive and ultimate type. These orbs can either glow 2 order, 1 order, 1 chaos, or 2 chaos.

Lunox has a total of 3 regular skills, and 2 ultimates.

First skill (Order): Lunox's first skill deals area damage to all nearby enemies and heals her.

Second skill (Chaos): deals damage to a single target from midrange.

Using Lunox's first skill will put her second skill in cooldown as well, and vice versa.

Third skill: deals damage to all enemies in a fan-shaped area and slows them too

Using Lunox's Order or Chaos skill will change the glowing of the 4 orbs below her hp. Using her Order skill will add an order orb, collecting up to 2 order orbs. Using her Chaos skill will add a Chaos orb, collecting up to 2 Chaos orbs. The orbs indicate which form lunox is in and this changes her passive, as well as her ultimate.

When Lunox has 1 or 2 order orbs glowing, her ultimate will be an order form ultimate. Using her Order ultimate will cause her to 'transform into a sphere of light' and enter an invulnerable state while dealing slight AoE damage in this form when passing through enemies for a few seconds.

When Lunox has 1 or 2 Chaos orbs glowing, her ultimate will be a Chaos form ultimate. Using her Chaos ultimate will make her dash forward, dealing aoe damage in a tiny fish-shape area to enemies she dashes on. For the next few seconds, lunox is able to cast her Chaos skill with no cooldown (Allowing her to 'spam' it).

There is a difference between the cooldown of Lunox's Order ultimate and her Chaos ultimate. The cooldown of her light ultimate is approximately 1.5x longer than that of her Chaos ultimate.


Early-Mid Game

Always try to secure mid lane, lunox is one of the best gankers in the game and mid lane has the most roam potential, and therefore, carry potential.

Do not be scared of enemy mid laners trying to prevent you from clearing first minion wave (You are one of the strongest level 1 hero); at the same time, be wary that enemies aren't hiding in the side bushes. You will be able to poke back 1-3 enemies while maintaining full hp in the majority of cases.

Do not waste mana and time casting Chaos skill on enemies once first wave has arrived. Use Light skill to damage both minions and poke enemies while recovering hp.

Avoid first wave poke trading if there are 2+ enemies in lane with one cc hero such as Gatotkaca or Chou as they will prevent you from healing constantly with your light skill.

Always use your light skill and third skill to clear large waves of minions.

Early-Game, when clearing and solo tanking jungle camps, always use your light skill. The damage dealt by your light skill is not significantly less than your chaos skill, and it will allow you to recover health (Unless full hp)

Try to hit level 4 as soon as possible. Many players will not expect you to go in instantly at level 4. At level 4, you are able to burst down essentially all non-tank enemies if you land both Chaos ultimate and third skill followed by spamming Chaos skill.

Mid-Late Game

Be map aware, and follow your opposing laner's map movement. Hide in bushes that he doesn't have vision of and wait for him to get back to lane if you know he's coming back a certain way.

If an enemy hero is a mobile one such as Harley, Alice or Gusion, when ambushing them, always anticipate where they will teleport to next so you can follow up with an instant flicker if needed because lunox only has one dash which is her chaos ultimate.

It is vital for your third skill to land to debuff enemies with a slow and there is a slight animation delay for it to deal damage, which may make auto targeting inaccurate at its hit-box edges; if you're an intermediate player or above, always use manual aiming instead of auto target. (Drag skill and aim manually instead of just tapping) This becomes even more important versus a group of enemies whereby you want to aim your third skill at all of them instead of just the lowest hp target.

Constantly leading in team fights with your Chaos ultimate will allow enemies such as Chou or Kaja to easily focus in on you because you can't change to light form in time. Depending on the enemy team, slowly learn from personally experience, the best way to team fight and position yourself.

Your light form and ultimate exists for a reason, you don't always have to lead into fights in Chaos form. You can lead in with Light form and sustain for as long as you can before using light ultimate to reposition yourself and enter back into the fight in Chaos form.

The main difference between a beginner Lunox user and an intermediate or advanced Lunox user, is knowing how to keep track of your number of orbs and knowing how to time your different Light and Chaos form changes perfectly throughout a fight. A beginner lunox will run around the map with 2 Chaos orbs constantly, and always lead in with Chaos ultimate regardless of positioning.

An advanced lunox player should learn how to time his light ultimates better, from avoiding relatively fast abilities such as Johnson ultimate and Harley ultimate to being able to avoid almost instantaneous abilities such as Aurora's freeze or Saber's/Fanny's ultimate; as well as being able to anticipate certain unavoidable abilities such as a flicker kick from a Chou, a flicker lock-on from a Kaja, or a silencing dash from a Helcurt.


Battle Spell

Flicker is the most viable spell to take for lunox. She has limited mobility after entering Chaos form and a flicker can be essential to chasing an enemy, or escaping. It will also allow her to dodge slower incoming abilities such as a Chou knockup, or an incoming Gatotkakca ultimate.

Retribution is the next viable spell to take for lunox. Take this if you're playing in solo queue and have been constantly getting teams not willing to give you buff. Buff is very vital for Lunox; without it, you will have to constantly return to base for mana.

Purify is the last viable spell to take for lunox. Only consider this over flicker if enemies have a lot of single target lock-on such as Aurora freeze, Eudora stun, Chou knockups, etc.


Go for Custom Mage Emblem unless you did not level it up. Common Magical Emblem is enough from Warrior to Grandmaster.

Go for Max Movement Speed, Magical lifesteal, and Magic Worship. This will allow lunox to roam faster, sustain better in lane or versus multiple enemies, and deal greater burst damage to a single target.

The next best option is Common Magic Emblem.

Go for Max Mana Regen, CD Reduction + Magical Lifesteal, and Magic Power Surge. This will allow lunox to sustain both mana and hp better, as well as give her some bonus magic penetration and bonus temporary burst damage.


Main Build

This build focuses a lot on a mixture of high damage capabilities, and durability from concentrated energy plus winter truncheon. The late game items will allow you to successfully decimate the enemy team from your back-lines.

Demon Shoes (Lunox's skills drain a lot of mana. Demon Shoes is vital to sustain it)

Concentrated Energy for HP sustain

Lightning Truncheon (Gives a significant increase of burst damage or poke damage from the item's passive)

Winter Truncheon (Vital in potentially saving your life and allowing you to change back to light form)

Holy Crystal/Divine Glaive (Go for Divine Glaive if at least one enemy is building 2 or more magic defense items)

Holy Crystal/Divine Glaive/Immortality (With winter truncheon, flicker, her light ultimate, and immortality, Lunox will become incredibly difficult to kill)

Clock of Destiny can be built as a second item too for extra durability, and for that extra mana sustain.

Regardless of build, take Tier 1 jungle blade as first item if you will be clearing at least a few jungle camps throughout the game. Sell this away when you are level 15 or full build.

Semi Tank Build

This build focuses more on Lunox's survivability and should be built when enemies have a lot of target-locking capabilities or burst damage.

Demon Shoes
Concentrated Energy
Winter Truncheon
Athena Shield (The best survivability tank item in the game. Go for physical defense item such as Dominance Ice if enemy team is 100% physical damage)

Immortality/Oracle/Brute Force Breastplate (Go for Bruce Force Breastplate if in need for some physical defense; it's passive will also slightly increase your damage temporarily, and it has good synergy with Lunox's Chaos Combo, allowing her to chase enemies better from increased movement speed)

Holy Crystal (Allows you to still continuously deal significantly high damage to squishier targets despite having a semi-tank build)

Clock of Destiny can be built as a second item too for extra durability, and for that extra mana sustain

Full burst build

Demon Shoes
Clock of Destiny
Lightning Truncheon
Concentrated Energy
Holy Crystal
Winter Truncheon

Tips and Tricks

These are the safest tips to play lunox in high ranks versus other top global players where if you aren't careful, they will exploit every single mistake you make. If playing in lower ranks, feel free to play more aggressively.

1. When roaming around the map with no vision, always ensure you have 1 light orb below your hp bar. This gives you a lot of versatility in going immune instantly to escape enemy ambushes, or ambushing enemies clearing jungle by changing back to Chaos form.

2. Only roam around the map in Chaos form when the enemy team has no significant cc heroes that can prevent you from changing forms, or you are aware of all enemy positions and are preparing for a gank.

3. Lunox's most vulnerable state is after she has collected 2 Chaos orbs from using her Chaos Combo; it will take her at least 4 seconds to revert back to light form by casting her light skill twice.

4. In high competitive games, when there is a stalemate of team fighting and everyone has all gathered, always ensure you have either another allied cc hero standing near you, flicker, or winter truncheon available before even attempting to use your Chaos ultimate to poke enemies.

Winter Truncheon is an essential 4th item for Lunox. Winter truncheon, in addition to taking flicker, and having your light ultimate, makes it incredibly difficult for enemies to target you.

5. There is a 4 second window where Lunox is susceptible to being targetted after using her Chaos Combo and being unable to convert back in time to Light Ultimate. This is where Winter Truncheon is most vital. If caught in a scenario where you are being targetted while you have 2 Chaos orbs, always cast light skill once, to reduce Chaos orbs to 1, followed by winter truncheon. The immune phase will allow your light skill cooldown to reset by the time winter truncheon active wears off, allowing you to safely convert back to Light form and leaving the enemies targetting you in a bad position.

6. Never use your light ultimate to poke enemies in higher ranks, they will capitalize off this and target you the moment your invulnerability is wearing off.

7. In a game's end phase, where players are gathering to look for a final team fight, a way to effectively poke enemies safely is to maintain 2 light orbs and use a single Chaos skill (followed by a light skill to revert back to 2 light orbs) in order to poke enemies till you see an opening to go all-in.

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May 1, 2019
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Lunox: From Demon Shoes to Rapid Boots?

A discussion on the upcoming nerf for Lunox by AdminGanda

I think its a no no.

Lunox consumes a lot of mana and it is hard to sustain it especially in early game if you don't have Demon Shoes.

Demon Shoes creates a difference between a snowballed Lunox and a normal Lunox in Midgame.

Maybe adjust the emblem configuration. Put points in Movement Speed.

Besides, Rapid Boots is overpriced in my opinion.

For those who didn't know, Rapid Boots is now 100 gold more expensive. From 750 to 850.

We need to build boots as fast as we can so that we have a chance to snowball and end the game as fast as possible for easier carrying especially for solo players.

So what's your reaction about this discussion?

You may also suggest timely and useful topics to be discussed in our post.

Thanks for reading

by Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide


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May 1, 2019
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Patch Notes 1.3.92 Lunox Nerf

Sa July 18 pa ito inaasahan na i-apply sa original server.

Lunox' Basic Movement Speed is reduced from 250 to 240.

At dahil dyan, kasama na siya sa mga pinakamabagal na heroes sa Mobile Legends.

Hindi na nila pinansin ang ibang stats ni Lunox dahil compensated naman ng ka-OP niya sa damage ang difficulty niya.

Low durability rin si Lunox kaya hindi na siya mas pinalambot pa. (Pero bakit si Claude sobrang lambot na haha)

Kaya movement speed na lang ang binawas sa kanya. Mahirap patayin si Lunox kapag magaling gumagamit kasi nakakatakas gamit ng Ult.

Apektado rin ba ang ult ni Lunox sa nerf na ito?

Affected rin syempre kasi mas maiksi na distance na lang ang mata-travel ng ult niya kaya medyo hindi siya makakatakas.

What's your reaction about this nerf?

I think hindi pa rin siya matatanggal sa top ban heroes kaya midtier mages muna ang pa-praktisin ko like Kadita