Mobile Legends Luo Yi Guide - Tips to use her Yin and Yang Abilities effectively

Luo Yi is a mage who roams between the binary of Yin and Yang, excels at dealing damage and inflicting CC effects from distance. She is also a great utility mage with her ultimate skill. Here's a guide to play her effectively


Hero Traits: Strong Crowd Control and Tactic-Oriented

Skills Description

Passive: Duality

Luo Yi's skills will generate opposite marks of Yin and Yang on the battlefield, each lasts up to 6s. Yin-Yang Reaction happens whenever two mark bearers of opposite marks come close to each other, causing 365(+20*Hero Level)(+190%Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and stunning for 1s.

Luo Yi gains 300(+10*Hero Level)(+150%Total Magic Power) shield (capped at 3 stacks) and 30% of movement speed (decays rapidly in 2s).

Tip: Just try to do as many Yin-Yang reaction as you can to deal higher damage output, inflict stun, and even get some defensive stats.

Skill 1: Dispersion

Luo Yi casts the energy in a designated direction, dispersing upon the first hit and dealing 210 / 250 / 290 / 330 / 370 / 410 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target and enemies behind in a fan-shaped area, and applying Yin/Yang to enemy heroes.

Luo Yi gains a stack of Dispersion every 8 / 7.7 / 7.4 / 7.1 / 6.8 / 6.5 seconds, up to 4 stacks.

Luo Yi gains 1 Dispersion Stack each time Yin-Yang Reaction happens.

Upon usage the skill's mark will shift.

Recharge time is affected by cooldown reduction

(To clarify, only 1 Dispersion Stack can only be gained from the Yin-Yang Reaction between each instance of Dispersion - Dispersion or Dispersion - Rotation regardless of the number of enemy heroes marked that triggers the Yin-Yang Reaction)

Tip: Each cast will be an alternating Yin and Yang Mark. This is her primary skill to deal damage and trigger passive.

Skill 2: Rotation

Luo Yi summons Fire in a designated area, dealing 250 / 270 / 290 / 310 / 330 / 350 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage on targets hit and slowing them by 60% for 0.5 seconds.

Fire lasts for 6s, dealing 50 / 54 / 58 / 62 / 66 / 70 (+10% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage in 7 ticks every 0.7 seconds for a total damage over time of 350 / 378 / 406 / 434 / 462 / 490 (+70% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and a total maximum damage of 600 / 648 / 696 / 744 / 792 / 840 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Upon usage the skill's mark will shift to the Aqua.

Tip: This skill can also help Luo Yi to trigger her passive while inflicting slow effect and damage in an area.

Ultimate Skill: Diversion

Passive: Grants Luo Yi 6% / 8% / 10% cooldown reduction (additive, counts toward max cooldown) on all her skills.

Active: Luo Yi creates a teleporting circle around herself. After 3 seconds, all allied heroes within the circle are teleported to a designated location within 20/24/28 Range.

Allies can always see the teleportation circle's origin and destination in the mini-map.

Enemies cannot see the teleportation circles in their minimap however, they can see the circles if they are in the vision of it.

Bushes hide the teleportation circles however, there will be a short animation for which heroes will be visible to the enemy before they are hidden in the bush.

Additionally, Luo Yi can still be teleported regardless if she is affected by enemy crowd control effects or self-inflicted stasis by using Winter Truncheon. The CC would still applied as usual.

Tip: Utilize this skill for shifting lanes or teleporting to the enemy backline to avoid retreat.


Basic Skill Combo:

Skill 1 (to mark a target) > Skill 2 (to trigger passive) > Skill 1 (to another target and trigger passive again)


Recommended Spell:

Recommended Emblem:

1. Mage Emblem

3 pts for Magic Power and Magic Pen
Use Impure Rage talent for the extra damage and mana regeneration.

2. Support Emblem

3 pts for Movement Speed and Hybrid Regen
Use Focusing Mark Talent or Pull Youself Together (in case you need to spam your Flicker or Purify spell)

Recommended Items:

• Arcane Boots - for magic penetration.

You may also choose Demon Shoes yet remember to switch to a defensive boots or Arcane Boots in late game.

• Enchanted Talisman - for magic power and HP. More importantly, for the 20% CDR and mana regeneration. This should resolve your mana problems thus Demon Shoes is not needed.

• Trio Wand - Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand, Genius Wand

The trio wand items are her core items for damage dealing and even as a support. Some replace Genius Wand for Divine Glaive for more magic penetration but Genius Wand gives Movement Speed and more Magic Power so it really depends on preference and customization of emblem too.


If you are using Support Emblem, then you may go for Divine Glaive since Support Emblem can give high movement speed boost. Also if you customize your mage emblem to movement speed and magic penetration, Divine Glaive is also a good option.

• Necklace of Durance - for CDR, magic power, magic lifesteal and more importantly, to counter high HP regen heroes like Thamuz, Uranus, and Estes.

• Winter Truncheon - for the ult trick and survivability.


Other info, tips, and tricks

1. For the rotation, just follow the basic rotation for midlaner or depending on how your team choose to play her.

2. Luo Yi can aim her ultimate skill outside the map so that the enemy can't see it's animation though they can still hear the sound.

3. Aim her ultimate skill in bushes for possible ganks.

4. You may also aim her ultimate skill to a position where you think the enemy will retreat so that you can force a teamfight along with your teammates while you can easily target the backline along with an ally that you teleported.

5. Drag your camera to where you will teleport when using ultimate skill since you can decide to not be teleported by stepping away from the animation range of your ultimate skill.

6. Before teamfight, customize your skills first. Make sure that the skill 1 and skill 2 have different marks.

7. Lolita can charge Noumenon Blast so that it will be immediately casted after she was teleported using Luo Yi's ultimate skill.

8. Luo Yi can activate ultimate skill then Winter Truncheon so that she can be teleported while being immune to damage and CC while her ultimate skill is charging.

Those are just some of the ways to play Luo Yi. She is overall a great hero with a lot of potential.

Stay tuned for more!
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