Mobile Legends Lylia Fast Rotation Guide

Aside from Selena, Lylia can also kill the purple buff quickly. It is because her skill 1 and skill 2 is unlocked already even at Level 1. For this guide, a very efficient rotation for Lylia will be discussed so that you will learn how to make her level 4 before 90 seconds.

First, there are some requirements for this rotation to work.

1. Pick Retribution as battle spell
2. The tank or support hero with you should buy roam item

Those two are just basic requirements. To enhance the effectivity of this rotation, here are some more guidelines.

1. The tank or support you are with should have a good jungle invade potential.
2. Your emblem is as high leveled as possible. Best of course if it is already level 60.
3. Buy hunter's knife as first item.

First set of steps for the rotation

1. Go to the purple buff area as soon as possible.
2. Put shadow balls (Lylia's Skill 2) as many as possible before the Serpent (Purple Buff Monster) spawns.
3. Cast Gloom (Lylia's Skill 1) to detonate the shadow balls.
4. Use basic attacks or lay more shadow balls if possible and you should already get the purple buff within 40 to 45 seconds.

Few more things to take note

1. Your lane partner may or may not help you. Just make sure that your lane partner won't steal the buff.
2. Your lane partner should give you last hits in jungle monsters and minions.
3. Your lane partner should not attack the first minion wave unless it is already under your midlane outer turret.
4. DO NOT use your Retribution Spell yet.

Second set of steps

1. Clear and last hit as many minions as possible.
2. Invade enemy purple buff.
3. Use Retribution to last hit their purple buff.

Few things to take note

1. Analyze if you can kill them too or not.
2. Do not over extend and chase them just to get a kill.
3. Check the map if the enemy has back-ups incoming.
4. One of the safest succeeding step is to get back in midlane to clear the wave or kill the lithowanderer for the walkie grass buff.

Last set of steps

1. Back in midlane, you are probably at level 3 to 4 or even 5 right now depending on how many minions, jungle monsters, and hero kills you last hit. There are many options on the succeeding steps.

A. Push midlane turret

- this is what some pro teams do

B. Invade Red Buff

- this is rare since the enemy marksman should already have it

C. Gank the enemy marksman

- Help your toplaner to kill the enemy marksman with its lane partner. You should have a number advantage of 3 to 2 unless enemy midlane also helps. If it will be 3v4, then choose option D.

D. Get the goldcrab buff

- this is probably available by now since little crab only has 15 seconds cooldown and it should respawn into a bigger crab after the first 90 seconds of the game. Just in time for you to secure it.

E. Push toplane

- this is also what some pro teams does but is rare on solo queue

F. Kill enemy Rockursa

- just for that extra gold and it might delay the enemy farm. Besides, this is one of the nearest objective from you since you are currently on midlane.

G. Get another walkie grass buff

- You can kill the other lithowanderer so that you will be healed along with nearby allies and minions for another 20 seconds.

H. Push bottom lane turret

- there will be four of you in the bottom lane and this option will most probably give your team a larger map control if you managed to destroy the turret.

I. Steal enemy goldcrab in bottomlane

- this can delay the farm of your enemy midlaner or offlaner.

J. Kill the offlaner.

- since it will probably be a 4v1, this should be an easy one.

Analyzing all the possible options, if you want to end the game as fast as possible, bottom lane is the safest.

If you want to just farm up some more, go to toplane.

If you want to delay the farm of the enemy core heroes, invade red buff or any jungle monsters near midlane or even try to destroy the midlane turret for a larger map control and advantage.

If you are successful with those steps, then you will have a higher chance of winning.