Mobile Legends M2 Group Stage Phase 1 Day 2 - Results of Group C and Group D

Six teams fought hard to get the two upper bracket slots. In the Day 2 of the M2 Tournament, the teams in Group C and Group D are the ones who battle for secure playoffs spots. Here are the results:


Match 1: Alter Ego vs 10S Gaming Frost

The first match was swept by Alter Ego as they defeated the Japanese team.

Match 2: EVOS SG vs DreamMax

The Brazil Team had a hard time beating the Evos Singapore, thus losing 2-0.

Match 3: Bren Esports vs 10S Gaming Frost

The MPL PH Champion didn't gave the Japan Team to bounce back and also swept them 2-0.


Match 4: RRQ Hoshi vs DreamMax

DreamMax falls to 3rd place in their group as they lost against the MPL ID Champion in a series score of 2-0.

Match 5: Bren Esports vs Alter Ego

This was one of the most awaited match-ups. Bren Esports managed to sweep this one to secure their upper bracket slot.

Match 6: RRQ Hoshi vs EVOS SG

This was a thriller match which was decided by a Game 3. RRQ Hoshi won 2-1 thus advancing to the upper bracket.


At the end of the day, Bren Esports from Group C and RRQ Hoshi from Group D will advance to the upper bracket. The rest will proceed to the group stage phase 2 to fight for the remaining slots.

This concludes the Group Stage Phase 1 of the M2 World Championship Tournament. The remaining 8 teams will battle for the lower bracket slots in the Group Stage Phase 2.

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