Mobile Legends M3 Pass exclusive skins

The Mobile Legends M3 Pass came on November 29th, putting an end to the wait for all Roger fans out there. The M3 Pass will be accessible until January 2, 2022, during which time gamers may accomplish activities to earn a large number of goodies. Players that purchase the M3 Pass will have access to a variety of pass goodies, which we'll go over below, as well as various normal incentives.


Regular users who have not purchased the M3 Pass will be rewarded for just leveling up in the Pass by completing daily and weekly assignments. Let's take a look at the M3 Pass's regular benefits.

The M3 Battle Emote, M3 Avatar Border, M3 Roger Emote, M3 Glorious Arrival, and Return Special Effects, as well as Clint's Forced Smile, Harley's Mock, Lancelot's Salute, and the all-new Emerald Guardian Special skin of Belerick, are all available to players.

On top of the standard awards, players who purchased the M3 Pass will receive a few premium rewards. After acquiring the M3 Pass, players may instantly claim the Roger M3 Exclusive Skin "Phantom Ranger" and earn 10% extra Pass EXP for completing assignments.

Players who acquire the M3 Premium Pass will receive the Trail Effect "M3 Glorious Trail," Roger Custom Action "Interesting," and 3000 additional Pass EXP in addition to all the perks and privileges of the M3 Pass.

M3 Exclusive “Phantom Ranger” Skin


Roger fans can't get enough of this skin, which is undeniably one of the greatest Roger skins ever created. After purchasing the M3 Pass, players will obtain this skin.

M3 Savage Return Recall Effect


With Roger's head in wolf shape howling, this is a very cool-looking Recall effect. As a reward for completing level 55 in the M3 Pass, players will earn the M3 Savage Return Recall Effect.

Players can earn Lucky M3 Recall Chests by leveling up in the M3 Pass, which can contain the M3 Savage Return Permanent Recall Effect or a 1-Day trial card. Furthermore, every chest opened improves the chance of earning the Permanent Recall effect by 7%.

M3 Prime “Fiend Haunter” Skin


If the Phantom Ranger wasn't enough to satiate the Roger faithful, the M3 Prime Fiend Haunter Skin will undoubtedly suffice. When players attain level 75 in the M3 Pass, they will receive the M3 Prime "Fiend Haunter" Skin.

The MLBB Art and Design Team has left no stone untouched with this skin, whether it's the premium-looking Skin model, Display animation, or skin effects in-game.

M3 Fiend Haunter Exclusive Trail Effect


When heroes have increased movement speed, such as after leaving the Base fountain, this all-new first-of-its-kind Path Effect leaves a gleaming trail behind them. As a reward for completing level 85 in the M3 Pass, players will get the M3 Fiend Haunter Exclusive Trail Effect.

M3 Prime Avatar Border


Players on reaching Level 130 in the M3 Pass will receive the M3 Prime Avatar Border.