Mobile Legends M3 World Championship Key Facts - Singapore will be the host country!

The M3 World Championship is the highest level official tournament of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports scene for this year 2021. This tournament will be hosted by Singapore. Here are some facts about the ML:BB World Tournament.


1. Total Teams Fact

Compared to the only 12 invited teams in M2, this M3 will gave 16 teams from teams all around the world to compete for the ML:BB World Champion Title.


2. Total Prize Fact

The prize pool in M1 is $250,000 while in M2, it became $300,000 which is an additional $50,000 from the previous year. But in M3, the prize pool is more than doubled as the total prize would be $800,000.


3. Teams who are always present in M Series

There are only four teams who always made it to the M Series since M1: RRQ Hoshi, Todak Esports, Evos SG, and Navi (previously known as Unique Devu/Deus Vult).


An additional fact is that the previous champions are not from the same country. EVOS Legends, M1 Champions, are from Indonesia while the M2 Champions, Bren Esports, is from Philippines.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on this ML:BB M3 World Championship! Who do you think will be the next champion of ML:BB World Championship?