Mobile Legends M5 Excellent Events Trailer - M5 Pass, exclusive rewards, and more M5 preview

M5 is the fifth iteration of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) World Championship series, also known as the M-series tournament. As a celebration of this annual tournament, there is also an event in-game in which MLBB will be giving rewards to players and there are also things like the M5 Pass. A video trailer of the M5 events and M5 pass is posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel that showed most of the things the players should look forward to during the celebration of the M5 World Championship tournament.


The game had a voting in which players were given a chance to select and vote for the hero to be featured for this year’s M5 skin. Yu Zhong was the one selected and thus, the hero will have two M5 skins, the first one obtainable outright by players after purchasing the M5 Pass and the other is called an M5 Prime skin. There is also an exclusive Yu Zhong figurine statue as shown in the preview. The M5 events will begin on November 20, 2023 but some of the events and in-game contents will be released one by one and not necessarily be all available on that commencement date.


About the M5 Pass, the preview showed a comparison between the basic M5 Pass and M5 Pass Plus. Both passes would give players the Yu Zhong M5 skin but the M5 Pass Plus provides bonuses like extra M5 Coins. The M5 Coins can be used in the exchange events available in the duration of M5 events. The basic M5 Pass costs 399 diamonds while the M5 Pass Plus costs 699 diamonds. Just like the other in-game passes, players need to level up the Pass in order to unlock the rewards. There is also a free pass to players so that everyone could also participate in the M5 tasks which is a way to level up the M5 Pass.


Other M5 events include M5 Login Gift, M5 Guess event, M5 Wildcard Support, M5 Support Chest, and M5 Battle Night. The M5 coins that players managed to collect during the events can be exchanged in the M5 Pass event shop. A previous M-series skin, M3 Roger skin, is shown in the preview to be available in this shop. Other M5 exclusive in-game resources like Recall, Elimination, Trail, and Spawn effects are also available in some of these events. Lastly, the M5 Battle Night is one of the highlights of these M5 events as players could obtain the M5 Battle Night Chest which contains a free Epic skin.


M5 celebration will happen until December 31, 2023. This gives players more than a month to be able to collect coins and level up the M5 Pass. Some of these events include daily tasks which include as simple as logging in the game. Make sure to check out the events in-game on a regular basis to maximize the rewards to be obtained. The preview also has a disclaimer that all contents shown in the video may still be changed.

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