Mobile Legends M5 World Championship theme song “Better Than Great” lyrics and music video details

The annual biggest tournament of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game, known as the M-series, is having the fifth iteration of this tournament and this M5 World Championship also has an official theme song. This year, the official theme song for the M5 is “Better Than Great” and the official music video of this song is also already posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel. The music video showed certain players who are well-known and have participated not only in this M-series, but also some are from the previous iteration of this World Championship.


The music video showed iconic players like the M2 and M4 World Champion, KarlTzy, and multiple time M-series participants such as Kiboy and Kairi from ONIC and MobaZane from North America. Not a day has passed yet since the M5 music video was released but it already received several comments from the MLBB Community. Some compared the theme song to the M4 one, and criticized the music video itself.

Here is the M5 theme song Better Than Great lyrics:

Verse 1:
Kick me like I might tip over (over)
But you can’t keep me in no corner (corner)
I know we can make a come back
Ace this round in the fiercest game now
Got the power on my shoulders
Yeah you know I’m a soldier
You can keep me off my guard
But you can’t keep me from my honor

Nah Nah Nah
I feel like the floor is lava
The energy's getting higher
You're safe in my arms
Cause I know just what I got got got
I gotcha you like oou nah nah nah
And you know we hold the power
This feeling I know (oh yeah)

Making my grind good to great so don’t stand in my way
Standing tall and I won't fall over we are better than great
Cause we are better than great
We stand tall and won't run away
Play our part and that ain't gonna change great
We are better than great, great

Verse 2:
Conquer the great
I'm better than great
I play my own role
I become the greatest
Transcend myself into this game yeah
I build the power to dominate fate
Championship mind no time for the weak
Results of the game shall reveal
Better than great that’s how we feel

(Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus)

If we stand tall and believe
We can make it you and me
With a sense of urgency
You'll see I'm better than great
Im better than great
Oh yeah, yeah, oh, I'm better than, I'm better than

(Repeat Chorus)

The M5 World Championship starts with the Wild Card stage first that began on November 23, 2023 to determine the last two teams that would join the other 14 teams already qualified for the Group Stage. The Group Stage will start on December 2, 2023 as the sixteen teams will compete until the playoffs in order to get as much share in the USD 900,000 prize pool. There might still be changes in the preset schedule so watch out for the announcements in the official social media platforms of MLBB.

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