Mobile Legends Magic Chess Guide on 6 Assassin Synergy with 4 more extra synergies - 5 OP Synergies!

If you're lucky to get Lancelot, another assassin, and Akai from the first pick and selection, then you can win using this synergy!

Line-up (Arranged with increasing rarity)
  • Akai
  • Lancelot
  • Hanabi
  • Hayabusa
  • Selena
  • Gusion
  • Belerick
  • Karina
  • Minotaur
  • Ling
  • 6 Assassin
  • 2 Scarlet Shadow
  • 3 Elf
  • 3 Guardian
  • 2 Empire
Early Game Strategy

Since Ling is rare, you can use Saber for the early game and get him to 2 star easily because he is just a normal hero and there are 45 Saber on the pool.

Synergies for early game could be the following:
  • 3 assassins (Lancelot, Hayabusa, Saber) all with at most 2 rarity.
  • Then add Hanabi for the Scarlet Shadow Synergy.
  • Then add Gusion for the Empire Synergy.
  • Akai wouldn't help you much in early game but he is the easiest to get to 3-star.
  • Then the next lesser rare hero is Selena.
  • If you managed to get an Elf synergy buff from the fate box or monsters round, you can get Karina and grant you a 3-hero Elf Synergy.
  • Get Belerick also if available and along with Akai and a Guardian Synergy Buff, you will have the 3-hero Guardian Synergy.
  • And in fate box, prioritize getting Minotaur or Ling. Having Minotaur Early Game can grant you early elf synergy and Ling for the max Assassin Synergy.


Since you are getting all assassins, you have less worry of someone attacking Hanabi at the backline. Unlike other synergy, you don't need a fighter to protect your backline.

The three tanks will be in the frontline (Minotaur, Belerick, Akai). Akai will ideally be the strongest one because he is more likely a 3-star hero in late game. So the positioning is Akai at the center then one space gap with Minotaur on the right and Belerick on the left.

Since the popular position is all heroes in the left corner, Minotaur can easily destroy the enemy frontline while Belerick can walk towards the enemy backline and assist the assassins to prevent escape.

The two corners will be covered by Ling and Karina. In early game, this will be the position for Lancelot or Saber or Hayabusa which will later transfer to the center of the backline.

The second row will be for Hanabi and another assassin.

So the final formation will be 3 tanks in the frontline, 2 heroes in the second row, and 5 assassins in the backline.

Other Info

1. When using Eva as the commander, its ability will trigger because this has more than 4 synergies.

2. Minotaur can be substitited by Diggie especially in early game. They are both Guardian.

3. If you found out that an enemy is also forming an assassin synergy, then just get 3 assassins heroes and max them out to 3 stars.

4. Prioritize the following in the fate box:
  • Minotaur/Ling
  • +1 Hero Slot
  • Assassin Synergy Buff and equip it to non-assassin hero
Picking Elf/Guardian synergy is also good.

5. If you pick Assassin Synergy buff, then you can replace Ling because he is legendary rare

6. If you pick Guardian Synergy buff, then you can replace Minotaur because he is also legendary rare.

7. If you pick Elf synergy buff, then you can replace Belerick if you struggle on getting him to at least 2 star.

8. The following heroes are good alternatives:
  • Diggie & Zhask for a summoner synergy. Diggie also completes the guardian synergy.
  • Harith & Chang'e. Harith is for the empire. Chang'e is for the Dragon Altar (along with Akai and Ling)
  • Estes for the solo support synergy and elf synergy.
Those who were mentioned are just some of the best replacements. You can experiment on other synergies available.



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Mar 11, 2020
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I also have my own synergy for assassin.
Karina or Selena*
Tigreal or Baxia*

6 assassin
3 Weapon master
2 Tank
2 cyborg
2 Scarlet shrine
2 empire

- dragons altar get the emblem if possible for ling and wanwan very Op heroes then mm or ass
emblems ( get the level up in 2nd round treasure)
-karina and selana are just fills
-tigreal fills empire synergy if not complete, baxia for dragons altar