Mobile Legends Magic Chess Patch 1.4.52


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Jul 7, 2019
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Magic Chess - Patch Notes 1.4.52 [Advanced Server] 02/13/20


1. Empire: No longer deducts Mana from full-Mana units. Mana reduced by 4 Empires increases from 12 to 14; 6 Empires: 18 to 24.


1. Sun: Doppelgangers can inherit Dragons Altar stacks and trigger Dragons Altar Synergy on death now.

2. Vexana: summonings now can trigger Undead Synergy and have 400 increased base HP.

3. Freya: Attack SPD reduced by 10%.

4. Leomord: Base ATK increased by 20%, basic attack Lifesteal increased from 60% to 80%.

5. Irithel: Skill no longer blinks. Now she orders Leo to roar, reducing armor of nearby units by 20/40/60.

6. Hanabi: Attack SPD reduced by 10%.

7. Moskov: Base HP reduced by 300.

8. Argus: Base HP reduced by 300.

9. Claude: Base Attack SPD reduced by 5%.

10. Guinevere: Base HP increased by 300.

11. Harith: Base Attack SPD increased by 5%.

12. Esmeralda: Base Attack SPD increased by 10%.

13. Wanwan: Added 0.2 Magic Lifesteal to her skill.

14. Slightly shortened the basic attack lock-on of 5-gold Heroes (i.e. skills are cast faster when their Mana is full).


1. Empire Crystal: [New] The Carrier is also seen as an Empire unit.

2. Rose Gold Meteor: [New] Gains a shield and damage bonus when HP is low.

3. Sea Halberd: [New] Basic Attack reduces HP Regen; grants high PEN.

4. Necklace of Durance: [New] Skill reduces HP Regen; grants high Magic Power.

5. Sky Guardian Helmet: [New] Grants High HP and HP Regen.

6. Twilight Armor: [New] Defend against high-burst damage.

7. Glowing Wand: Damage reduced from 3.5%/4%/4.5% to 1%/1.75%/2.5% and no longer grants Magic DEF.

8. Concentrated Energy: Magic Lifesteal increased from 50% to 60%.

9. Demon Hunter Sword: Attack SPD bonus reduced from 20% to 15%; fixed an issue that causes Demon Hunter Sword to trigger the effect of Glowing Wand.

10. Golden Staff: Attack SPD bonus reduced from 20% to 15%.

11. Feline Blade: HP reduced from 2500 to 2000.


1. Rule Adjustments:

a. Tie: players no longer deal damage to each other in a tie;
b. Number of 1-gold Heroes reduced from 40 to 36;
c. Number of 2-gold Heroes reduced from 30 to 27;
d. Number of 3-gold Heroes reduced from 25 to 23;
e. Number of 4-gold Heroes remains the same;
f. Number of 5-gold Heroes remains the same;

2. Custom Skin now supports Skin Trial Cards.

3. Referee view is now available for Custom Rooms.

4. FF and Pause buttons have been added to MC replay.

5. Recommend Lineup's performance has been optimized.

6. The matching system has been optimized to reduce the likelihood of fighting the same opponent frequently.

7. Graphic performance of MC has been further optimized, especially the effects and skill borders of Little Commanders.

Little Commander

1. New Little Commander - Captain Eggie (temporarily using Diggie's model in Advanced Server until future update)

Skill 1: [Passive]: Reduces Gold Cap required for Little Commander upgrade by 20%.

Skill 2: [Passive]: After a win streak of 3, every additional win reduces the gold coast of Little Commander upgrade by 4.

Skill 3: [Active] When Little Commander reaches level 8, use it to gain an Adv. Spoils Chest with 50% chance to get Normal Spoils Chests.

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