Mobile Legends March 2023 Collector Skin - Natan Tidal Lord skin preview

Guild of Guardians
There are still quite some more time before Summer 2023 but the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang marksman hero Natan seems going to the ocean early with his new outfit. For the March 2023 Collector skin, Natan will receive his first collector type of skin, Natan - Tidal Lord. This would join three other skins which are Captain Chrono, Time Wielder, and Chaos Hunter. A preview of this upcoming skin is posted in the official ML:BB YouTube channel and here are the details.


Natan - Tidal Lord gives Natan a different kind of glow from his default Spacetime Walker skin. As the skin name suggests, a cerulean blue ocean with white shades like the cloud and yellow glow like the sunshine are the main colors visible in this skin. The overall theme of his clothing seems Eastern-inspired.


For the skill effects, it seems he is shooting balls made up of water and aside from that, it can be as cold as ice that some of the area-of-effect of his skills will leave icebergs. His skill 2, Interference, will knock targets toward an iceberg. Meanwhile, his ultimate skill summons a water clone of himself coming out of an arc of ice.

Here is the official preview of Natan - Tidal Lord skin:

There is no release date mentioned in the video skill preview but the current patch note in the original server already reveals that the planned date of release will be on March 4, 2023, ML:BB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). This skin also comes with in-battle random action and idle animation. The preview also showed the entrance background of this skin along with some idle actions.

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