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May 1, 2019
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Martis Guide, Why use Martis in Rank Games?
  • Has Good wave clear and overall a strong early game like an Assassin
  • Has capacity to snowball
  • Good HP sustain when built with lifesteal and spell vamp items
  • Can help take some CC and damage
  • Enough CC to help your team out in securing kills
  • Applies pressure in laning
  • Great at finishing off low health enemies once you get your ult.
  • Great against teams with a lot of instant CC, as you can just immune through it using 2nd skill
  • SoloQ friendly, you don’t have to rely on your teammates too much since you are a fighted that can push and kill

Why is he not as META as Guinevere, Chou, Leomord and Thamuz?
  • Very vulnerable when all your skills are up
  • Not hard CC just like the knock-ups of Chou
  • Not very mobile
  • Drops off after Mid game, either you don’t deal as much damage or you get shredded once your skill 2 is on Cooldown. I usually build defense items late game.

Passive: Ashura's Wrath

Each time Martis uses a skill, the power of the Ashura's Teeth will increase his attack speed by 15%. up to a maximum of 60%. Lasts 4s.

1st skill:

Martis focuses the power of the Ashura's Teeth to draw in enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him and attack them for 280 (+100% Extra Physical Attack)

2nd skill:

There exists nothing between the heavens and earth, nor in-the Three Thousand Worlds, that can resist the might of the Ashura. Harnesses the might of the Ashura's Teeth, blade of the underworld, to rain down unearthly judgement on his enemies, dealing 150 (+90% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage, and can change direction once while attacking. This skill can be used again within a short window of time to charge forward, knocking up and dealing 200 (+150% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the way.

Ultimate Skill:

All that lives must die; the only truth lies in emptineiss. In the final secret world, only the one true Ashura King shall emerge triumphant. Charges to the designated enemy hero, dealing 600 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. If the target is below 50% HP, this skill will deal true damage. Killing a target with this skill will immediately reset its cooldown and increase your movement speed by 100% for 5s (speed increase gradually decays over time).

Skill Tips:

His skill 1 is his CC skill. It has a small AoE (Area of Effect).

His second skill is his most important skill in my opinion. These are reasons why:
  • There is a Damage reduction during the slashing animation and the knock up of the 2nd part
  • Immune to CC during the entirety of both parts animations
  • The first part of the Skill gives you 3x to your passive
  • You can change the direction of it after the 2nd Slash
  • The Cooldown of this skill is lowered if you don’t do the knock up
  • Because this skill pushes back enemies, it will interrupt them from what they are doing
The general way you’re going to use this skill is for a wave clear and to be in the middle of the fight. Because of the damage reduction, you can use it in the middle of fights. With Bloodlust Axe, this skill gives a lot of HP sustain.

The Knock up should be used for three things:

1. To CC an enemy
2. Stop an opponent from using a skill (especially those which requires charging)
3. Or to escape.

The thing you must take note about Martis' Ultimate is once an enemy is low enough, an X will appear at their feet.

This means that you can use it to kill them instantly. Once they are dead, you get movement speed and can use it again for a certain period of time. If you don’t get another kill, the Cooldown starts again.

You don’t have to use this skill only for surekills. It deals a nice chunk of true damage once they are below 50% so it can be used just to help others finish off an enemy.


Meaning, if an enemy has a red X underneath them but they have a shield, they will not die. The X only looks at their health and nothing else, so once that shield is gone they’ll be killed.

Another reason is HP Regen. Lifesteals and Spell Vamps might even left your target some HP because of HP Regens.

Prioritize Skill 2 over Skill 1

His skill combo is:

Skill 1 > Basic Attack > Skill 2 > Basic Attack

Then just use your ultimate skill when the enemy is low health.

Laning Phase:

For me, Martis works better as a sidelane fighter rather than an offlaner. It is because he is like an assassin that needs to roam around the map to search for kills.


You will probably be an initiator. Use skill 1 to disable enemies then your teammates can dive in to kill those you disabled. The tank can just simply bodyguard your main damage dealers. Always prepare to use your ultimate skill to secure kills.

Spell: I recommend Flicker or Retribution

Retribution to get items faster through jungling

Flicker is good for disengaging. Engage with your second skill, disengage using Flicker.

Emblems: I recommend Assassin or Fighted Emblem


Bravery (Phy Atk)
Invasion (Phy PEN)
Bounty Hunter


Bravery (Phy Atk)
Invasion (Phy PEN)
Festival of Blood

  • Warrior Boots - for phy def
  • Bloodlust Axe - for Spell Vamp and CDR
  • Endless Battle - for CDR and damage
  • Blade of Despair - for max phy atk boost

5th and 6th Items are situational defense items.
  • If there are two or more burst magic dealers in the enemy team, build Athena's Shield or Oracle as 5th item. Then Antique Cuirass as 6th.
  • If there are only one, build Antique Cuirass first then Athena's Shield or Oracle.
  • If there are no magic dealers, build Antique Cuirass and Blade Armor.
Auto-build Blade Armor when there is a Kimmy in the enemy team.

By: Kaito / Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide