Mobile Legends Martis Tips and Tricks for Season 15

This guide emphasizes some helpful tips and tricks that someone must know when using Martis.

1. Unlock 2nd Skill first

Martis' 2nd Skill is helpful in clearing the wave, harassing enemies, and even zone them out or knock them up.

2. Prioritize leveling skill 1 for faster cooldown

Leveling Skill 2 won't reduce the cooldown so leveling Skill 1 is a better choice. Every time Skill 1 is leveled up, beside from shorter cooldown, the damage will also increase.

3. Buy Hunter's Knife to farm faster especially if you intend to carry the team as an offlaner

4. Your Second Skill will cooldown in 4 seconds rather than 10 seconds if the second phase is not used.

5. Trick to maximize passive

Use 1st Skill then the first phase of second skill. It will give 4 stacks because the first phase of his 2nd Skill gives 3 stacks because he will dash 3 times. Use Basic Attacks then before the passive or the timer for the second phase fades, use the second phase of your second skill to trigger passive again with still 4 stacks.

6. Maintain max stacks until you see an X Mark underneath the enemy hero to secure a kill when you use your ultimate skill.

7. No need for Attack Speed Items because there is a limit of 250% for the Attack Speed Stat and that means you have a slot for Attack Power Items or defense and situational items.

8. Here are some ideal set builds for Martis

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