Mobile Legends Masha Combat Maiden Skin Review

The new skin Masha - Combat Maiden is the February 2020 Starlight exclusive skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

She wears combat weapon claws on her hands. Her pants looks like what soldiers wear. She also wears a green breastplate. The main highlight of her skin model is actually her hair. This skin model is amazing.

Entrance Animation

The entrance animation is simple. She flexes her body and flips. There are also electric and slash effects. Nothing much to describe.

Skill Effects

For her skill effects, the main color used is green-blue.

Her first skill still has the color black effects.

Her second skill uses the main color too. When Masha disarms a target, a green-blue light appears and shines while going toward a location. Then a path appears from the target to the target's arm which is color orange similar to the color of Masha's Skill Icons.

Her third skill shows a green-blue wind while she is dashing towards a target. There are 3 winds actually. 1 from Masha's location then 1 from each side of the target and then it will meet at the target's location.

Her special skill still highlights the green-blue color.

The choice of color is excellent and very suitable to the theme.

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