Mobile Legends Masha - Try Tank Masha after Patch 1.4.36

Masha will be partly buffed and partly nerfed in the Patch 1.4.36 Original Server

[Masha] Ancient Strength: The ATK Speed increased by each 1% HP lost decreased from 1.2% to 1%. Extra Physical Lifesteal gained by the last HP bar decreased from 20% to 10%. Decreased the speed of her Energy Regen.

Thunderclap: Now after using this skill, Masha will get a 25%/30%/35% Damage Reduction buff for 3s (scales with level).


The following are the nerfs for her passive:
  • Atk Spd boost
  • Physical Lifesteal boost
  • Energy Regen Speed
On the other hand, her third skill is buffed. It now gives damage reduction depending on the skill level for 3 seconds.

That means Masha will be more of a tank than a fighter. She can now survive teamfights longer because of the damage reduction that is why she can be played as a split-push damage type Masha or tank-build teamfight type Masha.

Will you try a pure tank build for Masha when this patch note is applied? Share your thoughts by commenting below