Mobile Legends Massive Aldous Adjustment in Patch 1.6.10 - Review and Analysis

Aldous is a hero that is very weak in early game but very powerful in late game. This might seem healthy for Aldous but the developers think otherwise. Aldous received multiple adjustments in the current patch. Here are the details of the adjustment to Aldous.


The developers explained in the patch notes the idea behind this huge adjustment to Aldous affecting all of his abilities.

"There was a huge gap between Aldous's damage capabilities in the early and late games, and he could be difficult to counter at full build. In this adjustment, we optimized his Skill 1 so he could gain stacks and hit the target more easily, and the calculation formula of the shield from his Passive to make it less dependent on his enhanced Basic Attacks. On the other hand, we slightly nerfed his Skill 2 and Ultimate so opposing players could counter him more easily", the developers stated in Patch Note 1.6.10


In order to achieve a better Aldous, the developers made adjustments that will balance out the damage scaling of Aldous from early game to late game.

[Skill 1](↑)

Optimized the Attack Speed so it can now hit fast-moving enemies more easily.

Extra Soul Steal stack gained upon non-hero enemies' deaths: 1 → 2

For his skill 1, it made it faster to gain stacks. The hit rate of this skill was also improved.

[Skill 2](↑)

Removed the Basic Attack Immunity effect.

Damage Reduction: 50% → 30%

Most Aldous players build defense items on him and with the damage reduction and basic attack immunity, it made Aldous unkillable while being able to one-hit kill an enemy. That is why to balance his faster stacking with skill 1, his defense was nerfed to make countering him not hard anymore.


Slightly reduced the stun duration on hit.


Shield Value: Damage of the triggering Basic Attack 500 + 3 * Soul Steal stack count

His ultimate skill and passive skill also received adjustments. These were also affected by the changes on Aldous' skill 1 as it is about the stacks.


Overall, this really improved his early game as Aldous can now gain stacks faster. To balance it out, his defense was nerfed. This opened up opportunity to counter Aldous even in late game.

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