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    Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the Mobile Legends Matchmaking Exploit, MaxBox AoV Team Disband, Bren Esports winning 1m in the recent Weeknight Showdown, AMD Radeon 7 GPU, Delay of Dead or Alive 6, Devil May Cry 5 Playtime length, and finally League of Legends Valentine Skins

    Mobile Legends Matchmaking Exploit
    • last week we talk about the mobile legends exploit
    • however we may have a new issue
    • because Mobile Legends has released a statement regarding the new matchmaking exploit plaguing their game
    • The matchmaking exploit happens when a team divides into 2 or 3 groups then queues up at the same time
    • in short 2-2-1 or 2-3 grouping
    • if the exploit is successfully done it's going to be 5 man line up versus solo and duo queue players
    • which gives them unfair advantage since they will be more coordinated specially if they play as a team
    • Here is the summary of what Mobile Legends said
    • Recently the Mobile Legends team noticed players exploiting the match making mechanism
    • this is to gain irregular team up advantage against solo queue players
    • according to them this method goes against the fairness and competitive spirit of the game
    • and because of this according to Mobile Legends they have designed countermeasures to fight against the exploits
    • as for the fix it will be out next week then those who are found as offenders well don't worry you will just get warning
    • however in serious cases you will get banned
    • So have you experienced this? do think Mobile Legends should have just banned them instead of warning? let us know in the comments!

    MaxBox AoV Disband
    • On a recent facebook post one of the Philippines Arena of Valor team officially announced they are disbanding their team
    • This is what they said “It was an incredible and memorable run for all of us here in MaxBox Gaming”
    • We thank our players for their dedication and hard work. Also to our passionate fans who wished us success ever since we came to be. MaxBox Gaming now signing-off.
    • So what is the reason for their team to disband?
    • According to their statement this is due to profitability and sponsorships
    • and that the management team can no longer sustain the team up to this year
    • They also added that hopefully they inspired local esports community and the AoV fanbase
    • Sad news mga kagamer another team bites the dust
    • so what do you think is managing a team sustainable still? or should MaxBox shift their focus to Mobile Legends?

    Bren Esports win 1m
    • In the recent Weeknight Showdown Bren Esports won the 1 million prize pool!
    • They took the 1st place against Arkangel Wicked Minds with a 3-0 score on Mobile Legends
    • talk about overwhelming victory
    • Making Bren Esports the champion, Arkangel Wicked Minds 2nd place, Cignal Ultra for 3rd then finally Happy Feet on the 4th place
    • To those who dont know
    • Weeknight Showdown is an online Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament organized by MET Events
    • formerly Mineski Events Team
    • the event is partnered with MSI and Mountain Dew
    • The event was competed by 152 teams
    • wow dami
    • Weeknight Showdown also had a special event as the 6 of the best players will get a chance to face off against sponge cola
    • So that's it and let's wait for the new season of weeknight showdown
    • congratulations to Bren Esports!

    AMD Radeon 7 GPU
    • For our tech news
    • AMD recent revealed its new gaming line of gaming gpu’s dubbed as Radeon 7
    • the new high-end / high-performance gpu will run o a 7nm which claims 25 percent more performance at the same power
    • meaning is the power drawback from the psu if you upgrade from previous RX Vega 64
    • Radeon 7 will also have a massive memory with 16gb, this beneficial for content creations like 3d rendering and video editing
    • as for the gaming performance
    • there is a 35% increase for DX12, 25% on Epics engine, and 42% on vulkan
    • note this are on max settings at 4k resolution
    • shots fired at Nvidia
    • as for the price and release date?
    • the Radeon 7 will be released on February 7 for 699 USD!
    • so if it goes on sale in the Philippines expect tax so this would be around 40~50k pesos haha

    DoA 6 Delayed
    • Koei Tecmo recently announced the Delay for the their upcoming game Dead or Alive 6 which was originally planned for feb 15
    • According to them the game will now be released on March 1 instead
    • So why the delay?
    • According to the Koei Tecmo even if the the game development is nearly complete they would like to take more time to polish its balance, gameplay and expressivity
    • hehe expressivity you know what that means more jiggle physics
    • According the producer and director Yohei Shimbori in a press release, “In return for your patience, we commit to bringing you the best Dead or Alive gaming experience. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by the release delay of Dead or Alive 6”
    • sad
    • To those who don't know Dead or Alive is a fast phased fighting game with 3 dimensional playing field
    • side step is real
    • the game is very known for their female characters due to reasons haha
    • So for those interested the game will be available for ps4, xbox one and pc!

    Devil May Cry 5 Playtime
    • In a media showcase in Korea the director of Devil May Cry 5 Hideaki Itsuno shared additional information about the upcoming game
    • According the Director the development for DMC 5 is difficult since the used the resident evil engine so they add upgrading the engines speed and performance
    • He also added that that even if they might look like shooting for photo realism they are actually aiming for graphics that can be seen on hollywood for example the Avengers
    • However the most interesting thing was the mention of the game play time of the game
    • where he mentioned the development team took 15~16 hours to finish the game
    • DMC 5 will also have hidden weapons and that they may also add additional playable characters in the future
    • to those interested Devil May Cry 5 will be released on March 8 for Ps4, Xbox and PC
    • however a PS4 and Xbox One Demo will be available on February 7

    League of Legends Valentine Skins
    • Since Valentines is coming League of Legends will celebrate Valentine’s Day with two more skins
    • Next month League will add the new skins Heartbreaker Vi and Heartpiercer Fiora
    • Both Vi and Fiora’s skins have a distinct medieval feeling to them
    • this is in addition with the skins of Annie, Sona, Xayah and others
    • The Fiora skin have a red and purple quilted dress with gold trimming and white gloves
    • While Vi’s skin is more like an armor with red, gold, and purple
    • Riot Games has not given an exact release date for the skins however you can expect them around valentines
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    Mga boi pa regular naman pano ba maging regular?
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    Thanks dito master more power
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    Thank you very much more power lods
  5. Vincis

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    Kailangan po ba magpost ng 20+ para maging regular?
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    Mobile Legends match-making has been unfair in the past version. They should've made actions about it earlier.
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    until now naman naeexploit pa rin ito ehhh
    mauutak kasi masyado yung mga gamer....
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    wow bren ang nagchampion
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