Mobile Legends Matchmaking System Optimization


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Jul 7, 2019
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Recent Optimization of Matchmaking System!

It’s been over a month since last time we talked about the matchmaking system, do you still remember?

In the past couple of weeks, we've been exploring and trying to strike a balance between queuing time and match quality, and to bring the best gaming experience to you. Let’s check out what optimizations we've made to the game.

1. Ranks Weigh Heavier in Elo Rating System

It has come to our attention that the matchmaking issue that players concern most is the rank difference. We've received quite a lot feedback from players saying "I was matched with lower-rank teammates. They are really weak!" or "I was matched with higher-rank opponents. They are way too strong!" We're aware of how the rank difference affects the matchmaking balance. Therefore, we've adjusted the weight of rank in our rating system in the recent patch and significantly decreased the probability of cross-rank matches.

Perhaps you are still wondering that why can't we just guarantee that players can be matched with both teammates and opponents of the same rank?

The main reason would be that we want players to enjoy the game together with friends. Friends are allowed to team up and queue together even if their ranks are slightly different, and the matchmaking system will find them the most appropriate teammates and opponents based on their individual ratings. Secondly, rank is not the only criteria to evaluate how skillful a player is. Battle performance in previous games, how often they play recently, and heroes they're good at playing are all factors that can affect a player's skill level. Rank is just a number stars. It is your skill and game awareness that make you truly skillful.

2. Medal Points in Elo Algorithm

From our recent game data, we've noticed that even if we combine factors such as ranks, levels, win rates, and teammates, it is still not enough to precisely evaluate the skill level of a player. Therefore, we have added a new factor, Medal Points.

There are three different ratings regarding Medal Points: overall, seasonal, and recent battle rating. Then we add them into the Elo algorithm as a whole, making the Elo algorithm even more accurate. We believe that you are now be able to meet teammates and opponents that better match your skill level and enjoy a high-quality gaming experience after all these adjustments.

3. Matchmaking Algorithm Optimization

"Those three enemies always target at me. I can't strike them down cuz I'm outnumbered!", "All the 5 enemy players cooperates so well, they are definitely queuing together. There's no way to defeat them by solo queue!"

These are common complaints we previously received from players. However, in our latest patch, we've significantly optimized the matchmaking algorithm.

First of all, in MLBB, the probability of a solo-queuing player matching against penta-queuing players is lower than 0.00001%. That being said, we've completely prevented this situation from happening after this algorithm optimization.

Secondly, we've also significantly lowered the probability of a solo-queuing player matching against trio-queuing players. Within a certain amount of queuing time, a trio-queuing team will only be matched with or against a duo-queuing team, and eventually start a match, where "trio-queuing team + duo-queuing team" vs "trio-queuing team + duo-queuing team". We value the gaming experiences of solo-queuing players as much as we value that of the duo/trio/penta-queuing players.

4. Star-rising Points/Star Protection Points Algorithm Optimization

In a high-quality match, the matchmaking system won't be the only factor that contributes to the game result. Factors such as the synergy of team composition, how familiar the players are with their heroes, and the communication between teammates are all crucial and can have a huge impact on the result. There are many factors in the game that are beyond the reach of matchmaking system, and that's why we optimized not only the matchmaking system, but the Star-rising points/Star Protection Points algorithm as well. For those who perform better than what the Elo rating system expects them to do, we'll grant them additional Star-rising Points/Star Protection Points. We hope that all players can hit Mythic with both professional skills and game awareness soon!

Meanwhile, we'll be exploring and finding the balance between queuing time and match quality, bringing the best gaming experiences to all players.

May victory be with you always!