Mobile Legends Mathilda and Angela Advance Server Adjustments Highlight - Patch 1.5.58

The adjustments in the advance server are also expected to be applied in the original server unless changed by the game developers. The current original server is still in Patch Notes 1.5.52 while it is already 1.5.58 in Advance Server. This will highlight and analyze the possible upcoming adjustments to Mathilda and Angela.

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Mathilda is known to be one of the best picks or ban in the competitive scene while Angela is one of the popular heroes to be picked in ranked games. Although, Angela is not commonly used in professional tournaments while Mathilda appears almost every game. That is why the developers adjusted Mathilda and Angela. Here are the exact adjustments based on the patch note:

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[Mathilda] (~)

With this round of adjustments, Mathilda's poke capabilities have been reduced, which we hope gives her opponents more room to react. To compensate for this, we've also made it possible for her to have a higher damage cap when played properly, giving players an opportunity to see if they can pull it off.

Skill 1(~):
  • Wisps can now attack minions as well as enemy heroes.
  • Decay Ratio: 30-45% → 35-45%
  • Mathilda's Ultimate needs to be aimed manually as it is no longer auto-targeted.
  • Flying is only possible after hitting the enemy.
  • Cooldown: 40s → 28s (All levels)
It is noted that the developers want to make Mathilda a more on player-based hero. Proper micromanagement now will grant more reward as she will deal more damage using skill 1. Her ultimate skill is now also needed to be aimed. This might resolve the issue of her being overused in professional tournaments.

[Angela] (↑)

Angela's Skill 1 granted too many effects, and we'd like to make the usage of each of her skills clearer. As such, we've buffed this skill's damage and cooldown, but nerfed its slow effect. Her Ultimate has also been buffed slightly.

Skill 1(~):
  • Magic Power Bonus of damage: 50% → 80%
  • Energy charging time: 6s → 5s
  • Slow effect provided by each stack: 18% → 8%
  • Cooldown: 80-70s → 70s
  • Base Shield: 1200-2000 → 1200-1800
  • Magic Power Bonus of Shield: 200% → 200-280%
For Angela, it is true that the role of her skills are not that clear since Skill 1 provides heal, slow effect, and poke potential. The slow effect should be for her skill 2 and maybe amplify it using Ice Queen Wand. That is why the slow effect of her skill 1 is greatly reduced but it has now higher damage and faster charging time.

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Her ultimate skill is also buffed in terms of cooldown and shield which will now scale more with Magic Power Items.

Overall, these two support heroes are adjusted to make them both equally playable. The players are also encouraged to use them according to their abilities. That is why a distinction was made for both of them.

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