Mobile Legends May 2022 Collector Skin - Vale Supernal Tempest skin trailer featuring Eastern theme

One of the highest skin rarity types, which is the Collector Skin, will have another one in addition and this time, it's a Vale skin. The name of the skin is Supernal Tempest and its trailer is posted in the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang YouTube channel. Here are the details about this skin based on the preview video.


The theme for Vale - Supernal Tempest skin is from the Eastern influences. His outfit features a traditional clothing with gold and violet as dominant colors. His hair is white and he also has some accessories. The skin model already hints what would be the skill effects will look like.


His skill effects features creatures like a mythical beast that looks like a cow and another large creature which resembles a deer. These creatures are not only evident in his ultimate skill but also in his first skill while both still has representations in his second skill. The colors of his skill will be either orange or blue to represent the creatures and the player's chose of skill to use.


Here is the official trailer of this skin:

The expected date of release of this skin is on May 7, 2022, ML: BB Server Time. This skin also comes with a random animation and other features so check out the final actual contents when it comes in-game.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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