Mobile Legends May 2022 Original Server Update - Patch Note 1.6.84 Hero Adjustment Highlights

The new hero Julian has finally arrived in the original server and along with him is a patch full of major hero adjustments. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch Note 1.6.84 Original Server applied on May 2022 features the release of Julian and the adjustments to unpopular heroes which are Irithel, Thamuz, Kimmy, and Floryn. The recently revamped Akai also received major adjustments in this May 2022 Patch Note.

Here are the major hero adjustments along with some developer's notes based on the latest patch update.


1. Irithel buff

Irithel's bolts will pack an extra punch with her new Passive, allowing her to deal serious damage even when her Ultimate is down.

[Passive] (↑)
Number of Bolts on Each Basic Attack: 3 >> 2
Bolt's Damage: 35% Physical Attack >> 55% Physical Attack

Irithel's skills no longer cost Mana. She accumulates energy while moving and will shoot an extra bolt on her next Basic Attack when her energy is full.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Damage: 450-650 + 60% Physical Attack >> 330-530 + 60% Physical Attack

[Ultimate] (~)
New Effect: When the Ultimate is active, the preparation time of the extra bolt from her Passive is significantly shortened.

Lowered the damage of the enhanced bolts so Irithel's overall damage during her Ultimate is basically unchanged: 180 + 85%-105% Physical Attack >> 120 + 60%-80% Physical Attack

The intention of the developers were made clear here. It means that even without ultimate skill, Irithel is now a decent threat which also helps her early game which is her previous weakness. Before she reaches level 4 before this patch, she will have a hard time and she is considered one of the weakest in laning phase. Thus, her former weakness can't hold her back now and her superior late game damage potential can now be more utilized.


2. Thamuz buff

To keep Thamuz from fizzling out in the new meta, the developers are stoking his fire with enhanced Basic Attacks and a buffed Ultimate.

[Passive] (↑)
New Effect: When Thamuz is holding his Scythes, his Basic Attack has a chance to conjure a burst of Lava Energy beneath the target.

Eruption Delay: 2s >> 0.7s

Thamuz's attacks no longer apply Scorch to enemies hit.

[Skill 1] (↑)
New Effect: Thamuz can cast the skill again to retrieve the Scythes.

The Scythes no longer stop upon hitting minions.

[Ultimate] (~)
Attack Speed Boost: 1.22-1.44 Times >> 1.3-1.6 Times

New Effect: Thamuz gains 500-1500 extra Max HP for the duration and recovers the same amount of HP.

On-Hit HP Regen: 2%-3% Max HP >> 1.5%-2.5% Max HP

Slightly reduced the Ultimate's area of effect to align it with the visual effects.

Recommend builds optimized.

Thamuz has became unpopular after several patch notes that changes the metagame significantly. It was not in favor of Thamuz and thus, the developers decides to buff him to be able to compete again with the other popular heroes. This will also increase his viability and players might consider using him more again over other heroes.

3. Akai buff

The developers are optimizing Akai's skill casting experience to make it easier for him to launch his entire combo, but also slightly lowering his damage in the early game.

[Passive] (↓)
Damage: 50 + 5% Max HP >> 25 + 5% Max HP
Shield: 50 + 5% Max HP >> 25 + 5% Max HP

[Skill 1] (↑)
Casting distance slightly increased.
Casting time slightly reduced.
Speed of the extra roll after hitting an enemy slightly increased.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Casting time slightly reduced.
Backswing slightly reduced.

[Ultimate] (~)
Cooldown: 40-32s >> 45-37s
Casting time slightly reduced.
Now the skill can only be interrupted by suppression and morph effects.

These are balancing adjustments to the recently revamped Akai. After almost a month in original server, the developers have managed to figure out how to make him balanced and these adjustments might be perfect for him. It is important to make him too neither overpowered nor unviable.


4. Floryn buff

The developers are hoping to see more battlefields blessed with Floryn's presence. Floryn come into full bloom with an all-around boost on her damage and HP regen.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Damage's Magic Power Bonus: 150% >> 180%

[Ultimate] (↑)
HP Regen's Magic Power Bonus: 40% >> 70%

Floryn is still unpopular that is why the developers came up on the adjustments that would make players pick her over other options. The current metagame is still full of bulky heroes and thus, the increase in her HP Regen will help in her supporting her allies. The additional damage will also help in her to poke enemies down and help allies too to make enemies have their HP lowered to a certain threshold wherein an ally can go all-in for a kill in one combo.


5. Kimmy adjustments

Kimmy's getting some extra help transforming energy with a new, optimized casting experience that allows her to seamlessly transition between her two attack modes.

[Skill 1] (~)
Now you can hold the Skill 1 button to continuously shoot Chemical Bolts in the target direction and release the button to stop the attack.

When Kimmy's energy runs out, her Basic Attack will revert to normal Spray Gun attacks. You need to accumulate energy and release and hold the button again to shoot Chemical Bolts.

This adjustment is more on Kimmy's mechanics. Some players are also suggesting to do this and the developers applied those feedbacks from the players. This should help Kimmy in a way that will improve her quality of play.

These are the major hero adjustments in latest patch update in original server. It is important to know this adjustments to better understand the current metagame. These adjustments are the most significant ones in the May 2022 update and can define what will happen in the succeeding days in the Land of Dawn.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!