Mobile Legends May 2023 Grand Collection Exclusive Skin - Clint Crimson Blast skin preview

The collector skin for the month of May 2023 has been teased! A preview of an upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) skin for the marksman hero, Clint, is posted in the game's official YouTube channel. His collector skin will be called Crimson Blast and will join his other seven previously released skins in his skin gallery: Sun ‘n Sand, Guns and Roses, Rock and Roll, Witch Hunter, Badminton Champion, Shadow Omen, and Operator CL.


The skin model of Clint - Crimson Blast features the marksman hero as a warrior wearing a high-tech suit and has a gun that is different from his default cowboy theme. He is also wearing a mask that has similar color with his weapon that looks like filled with crimson energy. This gun also has great features that is better enjoyed in view with the skill effects.


His skill 1 and ultimate skill looks like basic attack effects plus their AoE is more highlighted along with some splash effects. It will also look like his bullets will come from another dimension as the bullets passes or can be seen coming from an inverted triangle shape. His skill 2 is also very noteworthy as the enemy can be seen literally trapped, covered by a holographic cage from his laser weapon.

Here is the preview for the May 2023 Collector skin:

There is no specific date of release mentioned in the teaser video. But since this is a collector skin, it will probably be available in the Shop tab in-game once it's released and players will have about until the end of the month to obtain it via the Collector Event. The actual contents and details will also be viewable in-game once Clint - Crimson Blast collector event starts.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!