Mobile Legends May 2023 Release Teaser - New Hero Novaria, Superheroes skins encore, and more

The month of May 2023 has some early Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) skin releases. The game already released its regular monthly Starlight and Collector skin along with a special skin. The regular skin calendar teaser poster is also already out to hint the players about the upcoming in-game releases scheduled for the month. For this month's skin calendar teaser poster, there are two epic skins lined-up and some returning event skins along with the revelation the next upcoming hero, Novaria. Here are some of the things revealed by the release teaser.


The new seven skins for May 2023 will be a skin for the following heroes: Moskov, Clint, Gloo, Novaria, Leomord, Odette, and Luo Yi. Some of these skins are already revealed and released in the global server like Moskov's starlight skin and Clint's collector skin. Gloo's special skin, Jellyman, is also already released and is still available in the in-game Skin Shop. Novaria's default skin and basic skin are also teased in the skin calendar.


The teaser also revealed the upcoming encore of the Superheroes skins. The five heroes that have skins in this skin series are also shown in the teaser which are Bruno, Chou, Esmeralda, Vale, and Lancelot. The Gemini Zodiac skins, for the heroes Karina and Selena, are also coming back for the Zodiac Summon Event rotation. The two epic skins are for the heroes Leomord and Luo Yi while Odette's skin is tagged with the word "Create".

The teaser didn't provide the release date of each skins/events. There is also a note that the May 2023 Release announcement is still "subject to change" thus even the release dates written for the upcoming May 2023 patch update might change. There were also cases of release postponement before but in general, most, if not all, of these skins/events should be released this month.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!