Mobile Legends May 2024 update has leaked new skins, events and more!

As April draws to a close, let's take a peek at some of the anticipated Mobile Legends: Bang Bang update releases in May 2024. Along with the much-anticipated Promo Diamonds event, there will be a ton of skins and events. Regretfully, no new hero releases are scheduled during May. However, Zhuxin, a new mage hero, is in the works and is scheduled for release in June 2024.


May 2024 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang leaks - New Skins​

May 2024 Starlight skin​

"Fashion Mogul" will be the name of the May 2024 Starlight skin, and Nolan will be the fortunate hero to get it. He is a potent burst damage assassin hero that can destroy enemies by using rifts.


Nolan is portrayed as a fashion aficionado with elegant yet deadly blades because to his starry skin, which offers cool effects. The majority of the time, these cool skin traits are shown when Nolan makes glaring and visually captivating rifts on the battlefield. The affects on the skin are considerably more noticeable when players acquire and apply Nolan's Bonus painted skin.

Khaleed ‘Wave Strider’ Epic skin​


Ultimately, May 2024 has been set aside for the introduction of a new Epic Skin for Khaleed. It is anticipated to be made available on May 7, 2024. Khaleed may be seen enjoying himself while riding tidal waves in the new epic skin, which should be named Wave Strider. Players may get the skin for as little as 629 diamonds by taking advantage of the first-week discount, which normally costs 899 diamonds.

Alpha ‘Mecha-King Perseus’ Collector Skin​

In May 2024, the Cyborg fighter Alpha will make his debut wearing a brand-new Collector Skin. Mecha-King Perseus, the new collector, will be up for grabs during the Grand Collection event. It would also make its premiere next to two other heroes' collector skins that were already in existence: Wanwan and Vale.


This skin is a fantastic addition to any collection because of its unique skin effects and captivating visual effects. For Alpha mains, this new collector is among the best Aldous skins to date, making it a wise selection.

Lesley Annual Starlight Skin​


It is anticipated that Lesley the Annual Starlight skin will be added to the collection of annual Starlight skins offered for sale in the Starlight Shop. For 5,000 starlight fragments, you could purchase the yearly starlight skin. Please take note that gamers must have purchased the starlight pass for that month in order to get this skin.

Mobile Legends X KOF Phase 2 Recharge Event​

In May 2024, the brand-new MLBB X KOF Skins partnership events that made their premiere in April 2024 will continue be taking place. More significantly, this KOF event's phase 2 recharge event will launch and run starting on May 4, 2024. As we may remember, the following skins were present at the event:


  • Valir as Kyo Kusanagi
  • Masha as Mai Shiranui
  • Paquito as Terry Bogard

May 2024 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang leaks - Upcoming Events​

Diamonds Bonus Event​

Players can get free Epic skin as part of a new, upcoming event by just recharging 100 jewels. Because it enables users to obtain some of their ideal skin that might be featured in the event, this skin is quite exciting. When players select the Role of the Epic skin they desire, the event also gives preference to unowned skins. As of June 2024, the event is anticipated to be active on the Original server.

Exorcist Skins event​

The exorcist skins event has finally been slated to return in June 2024, following several months of delay. Granger and Hayabusa will have two additional new Exorcist skins when it returns. The skins listed below are anticipated to be available when Exorcist makes its June premiere.
  • Exorcist Yu Zhong
  • Exorcist Kagura
  • Exorcist Hayabusa
  • Exorcist Granger

When the event launches, each of these skins will cost 1200 Exorcists Crests and be up for grabs. In order to provide participants additional free tokens, the event will also have two recharge stages. The event is scheduled for May 18, 2024, for release.

Coupons Pass Event​

Players can earn Coupons valued up to 1800 diamonds during the new upcoming Coupons event just by purchasing the future Coupon Pass. Players can use these coupons whenever they wish to buy buyable skins, which will enable them to get cool skins for a lot less money.