Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds Event - Win more diamonds here!

In this event, players will choose lucky numbers for a chance to win tons of diamonds. Think you're lucky enough? Check this out and try joining the event!


The Mega Diamonds event is back with a 300,000 diamonds First Prize for lucky players. Join the event by purchasing entry tickets worth ten diamonds for the raffle. It will be a win-win situation for the players as they will receive Rare Skin Fragment as a prize already after purchasing an entry ticket.

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Players who entered the event can now choose 5 numbers between 0-99 and submit their entry before the Announcement Phase begins. This event will last until April 26, 2021, check the server time and the duration remaining of this event in its tab.

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There is also a special rule that allows players to get free participation. During the purchase phase, players buying an entry will also get 1 score aside from the Rare Skin Fragment. Spending 2 scores means a free participation.

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Players will receive rewards based on the number of numbers they guessed correctly.
  • First Prize (300,000 Diamonds) – 5 numbers matched
  • Second prize (12,500 diamonds) – 4 numbers matched
  • Third prize (1250 diamonds) – 3 numbers matched
  • Fourth Prize (100 Diamonds) – 2 numbers matched
  • Fifth Prize (10 Crystal of Aurora) – 1 number matched
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There's nothing to lose, right? Rare Skin Fragments you get after purchasing an entry can be collected and be exchanged in the Rare Skin Shop for exclusive skins including previous Starlight Skins! And even if you only guessed 1 number correctly, you get 10 Crystal of Aurora which is equivalent to the 10 diamonds spent.

Join this event and tune in for more news and updates!

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