Mobile Legends Mini Patch Review - Pre-Patch Notes 1.5.46 Original Server

A week before a huge update, a mini-patch is released to quickly adjust the abnormalities in the current battlefield situation. One of the reasons are the heroes which are unexpectedly at the bottom on the win rate list. This will discuss the adjustments to the four buffed heroes in this mini-patch.

1. Alpha

images (5).jpeg

Surprisingly, Alpha is still part of the bottom-most of the win rate list after his recent adjustments. The developers then discovered that Alpha became more flexible to use after we weakened his skills for single uses. However, this also made him not able to compete with other Fighters. Hence, a need to increase some basic values of his Skill 2.

Skill 2(↑):
  • Base Damage of Strikes: 250-400 → 350-500
  • Base HP Regen: 125-200 → 125-250
  • Fixed the issue of abnormal cast backswing time.
His status is quite alarming that is why these adjustments was applied as soon as possible.

2. Ling

images (49).jpeg

Initially, the developers had nerfed Ling's burst to reduce the difficulty in dealing with him, but it turned out undesired together with the adjustments to his buffs. This caused a rather unacceptable impact on the gameplay of Ling. Therefore, it was decided to keep the burst nerf and largely increase his Energy Regen speed, to enhance Ling's sustainability

  • Base Energy Regen: 3 → 5
  • Total Energy Regen while upon a wall: 8 → 10
Ling really seems to be overnerfed not totally because of hero adjustments but because of the overall battlefield situation changes. The changes about the purple buff also affects Ling users so these adjustments were also applied as soon as possible.

3. Clint

images (2).jpeg

The developers found that the revamped Clint is still at a disadvantage against other Marksmen in terms of survivability, thus a need to further optimize his Skill 2.

Skill 2(↑):
  • Cooldown: 10-8s → 8-6.5s
  • Enhanced its ability to penetrate walls. Now it can penetrate thicker walls than before.
This is quite justifiable since some marksman heroes have low mobility skill cooldown or the others have ability to lower its cooldown. For Clint, this seems to be a decent adjustment.

4. Terizla

images (20).jpeg

The developers aimed at enhancing Terizla's competence in the Exp Lane and expected that he could use Skill 1 more frequently to attack enemies.

Skill 1(↑):
  • Cooldown: 10-8s → 7s
  • Skill 2(↑): Damage Ratio to Minions: 50% → 60%
Terizla has been at the bottom-most of the win rate list for quite a long while already. That is why these adjustments are made to hopefully improve his stats and test if he is already good enough just in time before another huge battlefield adjustments.

On the other hand, the overpowered heroes right now like Claude and Benedetta are nerfed. The adjustments to other heroes will be applied in the huge update but for now, this concludes the list of the buffed heroes.

Tune in for more news and updates!