Mobile Legends Mini-Update Patch 1.5.16 Review - Badang is Back! iOS Android 

Badang returns to the Land of Dawn after being quarantined due to the bug of his ultimate skill that acts like Yi Sun Shin's Ultimate Skill. The bug was fixed and Badang's ultimate skill area-of-effect is back to normal thus he is available to be used again.

Mobile Legends Badang.jpg

But along with Badang's return, five heroes were also adjusted. Here are the adjustments to Alice, Chang'e, Ruby, Miya, and Khaleed.

1. Alice


Alice's ultimate skill was strengthened. Its base damage was increased from 120-180 to 140-180. Meanwhile, the mana cost was reduced from 60-100 to 50-100.

2. Chang'e


Chang'e still dominates early game even after some adjustments that is why she was nerfed again. The base shield gained from her skill 2 and the base damage of her ultimate skill was reduced. To somehow compensate and not overnerfed Chang'e, the magic power bonus was increased both on her skill 2 and ultimate skill.

3. Ruby


Ruby seems to be more tanky due to her passive. The developers explained in the patch notes that their goal is just to weaken her ability to take damage in the early game. But the adjustments made will have an impact even in the late game since her base attributes are the ones that have been nerfed. She has now the lowest base magic defense in the game. Her new base stats are the following:

  • Base HP: 2659 → 2509
  • Base Physical Defense: 23 → 18
  • Base Magic Defense: 10 → 5
4. Miya


The revamped Miya became super popular immediately. This is not surprising since her improved abilities made her strong from early game to late game. No wonder why many players love her. Like Ruby, the developers nerfed Miya's attributes. Her base attack stat was reduced from 115 to 100. The cooldown of her ultimate skill was also adjusted from 38-26s to 46-26s.

The developers explained in the patch notes that their aim for these adjustment was to weaken her in the early game too. That is why her ultimate skill still has the same cooldown at level 3 like before but at level 1, it is 8 seconds longer and 4 seconds longer at level 2 compared before this mini-update.

5. Khaleed


For Khaleed, the developers aim is to weaken the amount of pressure he’s able to create in the early game. Khaleed is one of the best heroes to take first blood, statistically and potentially, because of the damage of his skill 1. This applies even if Khaleed is use as a sidelaner or as an anti-jungler. When he is played as a tank, he can roam to harass the enemy jungler and take first blood. So this adjustment is quite reasonable.

Skill 1(↓):
  • Damage increase percentage: 120% → 110%
  • Cooldown: 5.5-4s → 6.5-4s
That's all for the hero adjustments in the mini-update! Feel free to tell us your thoughts about this by commenting below. Stay tuned for more guides and updates!