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May 1, 2019
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Minotaur after next update will be a BALANCE Hero

Isa sa naging pinakatrending na post namin ay 'yong about kay Minotaur na 18 na lang ang Base Physical Defense.

I actually tried to look at his stats at level 15. Ang physical defense niya ay 71 at kapag naka-Rage Mode 105.

Next update, kapag naapply na ang Physical Defense Growth Nerf from 3.8 to 3.1, 65 na lang ang physical defense niya at level 15. 99 kapag nakarage mode.

Among all tanks, Si Minotaur pa rin ang pinakamakunat basta nasa Rage Mode siya.

Siya naman ang pinakamalambot kapag hindi siya nakarage mode.

So ang point talaga dito is binalanse nila si Minotaur by trying to make him more squishy kapag hindi siya nakaRage Mode. Iyon kasi dapat ang i-take advantage sa kanya.

The real reason kung bakit pa rin siya popular sa Mythic ay dahil sa Ult niya na magandang pangset.

Maganda rin ang second skill niya na pangheal.

~~~Paano ko nasabing balance na siya?

Hindi na siya kasing OP nina Grock at Khufra.

Kasing balanse siya ngayon ni Akai. Parehas silang may panghold pero hindi kasing OP nina Grock at Khufra ang damage and tankiness.

~~~Paano dapat mag-adjust ang Minotaur Users?

Ang first step ay sa Tank Emblem niyo. Imbes na HP, lagyan niyo ng Armor sa Tier 1. Tapos kahit CDR sa Tier 2. Tenacity pa rin ang magandang talent since malaki ang tulong nito early game.

Ang adjustment na ito ay nakafocus sa early game. Bakit? Kasi hangga't wala pa siyang Ult, pwedeng pwede pa siyang mapatay kasi nga mas malambot na siya ngayon.


Na-clarify ko na ba 'yong topic? Marami rin kasing hindi nakaintindi sa akin base sa mga comments na nabasa ko last time. I hope naclarify ko na 'yong point ko. Hindi siya useless, mas less lang kumbaga kasi nga kahit saang anggulo mo tingnan, iba pa rin ang base Physical Defense Stat na 23 sa 18 with constant Item, Emblem, etc.

PS: 15th post na po ito in the span of 24hrs. Sana po binabasa niyo lahat ng post namin para updated and informed po kayo lagi


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May 1, 2019
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Minotaur Guide (After the Patch 1.3.80 and series of nerfs on his Physical Defense)

Compared to other tanks, Minotaur's Base Physical Defense is similar to most heroes even the most squishy ones. Even a marksman or mages have 18 Physical Defense. But in Rage Mode, he is still the Tankiest Tank.

The reason why he is considered a META hero is because of his ult which is an AoE CC. It can disable the whole enemy team as long as they are in the wide range of Minotaur's Ult.

~~~Skills Analysis


Each Time Minotaur use skill or basic attack to enemies or damaged by enemies, Mino will gain Rage points. When rage is fully charged,Mino enter the ENRAGED STATE for a small duration.(His rage bar is his time limit.Every second he lose his Rage)He gains Additional Defense and MagicResist also Gaining A Small Amount of Shield.His Ability Effects are also increased.When Minotaur Used up his Rage,he will return to "Calm Mode".


Minotaur Jumps in a designated location,Slowing enemies(You can pass through thin wall using this skill.Just be close enough to the wall then jump).The "AoE"(AreaOfEffect) of this skill grew wider as his rage bar increase.When in Rage mode,This skill's AoE is wide enough.Also this skill gain additional dmg.


Mino Roars, Encouraging his Allies by Increasing The current HP(heal) of his allies and also himself.When in rage mode,This skill gains increases Healing Effect.Also activating this skill in rage mode will grant you the ability to heal yourself each time enemies attack you.


Minotaur Charge his rage for a few second.Note that when your charging this skill,your movement will be decreased

In rage Mode,Activating this Skill Will Let Minotaur Unleash His Fury.Minotaur Smashes the Ground 3×,knocking up all enemies inside his Ultimate,dealing dmg.The last Smash deals true DMG. Note that After Mino looses all his rage,You cant Activate this Skill for A while.

~~~AdminAshura's Analysis and Tips

In terms Of Teamfight Utility, Minotaur stands up among the all tanks. Its because he Have a very wide AoE+Healing Ability Compared to others. Additionally,He dont have any mana and just need to heal himself for a few times. Lesser need To recall. As a Minotaur, You are the Clash Initiator. Always be strategic. Start a team Fight as long as think you have the upper hand. Don't Charge at enemies alone if your team members are far from you to avoid Accidental Deaths. If you charge at enemies alone while teammates are far,You'll surely kill yourself,there is a high possibility that allies will try to rally you but your dead already,and those incoming backups will be slain also. Another thing, Minotaur is one of the best diver in teamfight. If you think your allies knows what they should do, don't hesitate to dive. Minotaur's Heal Ability is Quite useful in this situation. Before heading to a Possible Clash, Always Charge your Ultimate.

Also,When You see that your rage is about to end, DONT USE MINOTAUR'S SMASH THE GROUND skill. Its because minotaur ultimate will cooldown in 30 sec.Its too risky using the skill.

For example, your rage is about to end,then You used it, then your teammates are in danger or someone initiated a clash, what would you use??You and your teammates will be surely wiped out. Always bear In Mind that as A tank, You And Your Carry hero is the one who can dictate the outcome of the match. Play wisely. And Remember also, in terms of critical situation, always think when to sacrifice.


Emblem: Tank Tenacity Talent

Why Tenacity?

After the nerf, Assassins and Mages can even kill you early game when you are not in Rage Mode. That is why the additional 35 physical and magical defense is very helpful especially when you are low health.

You cannot activate Brave Smite every 10 seconds.

Attack and Defense is also not recommended since you are a tank not the main damage dealer. You will be bullied more in early game if you are not tanky.

Tier 1: Firmness (+12 Physical Defense)

This is one of the best adjustment for the Minotaur Users. Previously, they choose Vitality for the HP. But since Minotaur has very low Physical Defense, this adjustment is the best option.

Tier 2: Mastery (+8% CDR)

Why not Fortress (+8% Physical Defense)?

CDR is still much more useful so that you can spam your ultimate skill.

Spell: Flicker

This is not for escape. This is for repositioning so that you can surprise enemies then use your ult.

Try mastering that trick.

But if you are not comfortable with that, Petrify or Purify can also be an option.

Item Sets:

First Set: Balance

Wizard Boots
Cursed Helmet
Antique Cuirass
Blade Armor
Sky Guardian Helmet

Second Set: Anti-Physical Damage

Warrior Boots
Cursed Helmet
Blade Armor
Antique Cuirass
Dominance Ice

Third Set: Anti-Magical Damage

Tough Boots
Cursed Helmet
Blade Armor
Sky Guardian Helmet


Early Game

Go midlane along with a Marksman or Mage. Help them to level up as fast as possible and give them the last hits.

Do not leave them. Either you will follow them or they will follow you. Spam your second skill to heal you and your ally.


Do not overextend when you are not in Rage Mode. Slowly come forward when your Rage Mode Bar is almost full. Stay with your teammates. Do not try to push alone. You are squishy when not in Rage Mode, remember? You are an easy target for Assassins so better lead or follow your teammates.

Late Game

Just win teamfights. Always try to disable the main damage dealer. Use your flicker and first skill to reach the enemy marksman. You are not that very squishy now so you can be in the frontline every now and then.

~~~Tips and Tricks

1. Master managing your Rage Mode Bar. Do not let it reach full Bar when you are not engaging in a teamfight. You will learn this better through experience.

2. Master the flicker ult. It is very helpful especially that you are the one who's assigned to disable main damage dealers of the enemy team.

3. Do not rush using your ult. Always look at your rage mode bar so that you can know whether you still have time to wait or time to go.

4. Minotaur's Items are situational to counter the enemy in your lane for early game. For two enemies, consider buying a cheaper physical and magical defense item in the shop that you can later use to fully build your item. Prioritize Cursed Helmet because it is very useful in laning.

5. Recountering Minotaur is now much easier. The tactic is to retreat while he is in Rage Mode and to attack after his Rage Mode Bar goes empty. He is really squishy when not in Rage Mode.

6. As a Minotaur, you can outsmart enemies by counter-initiation. Although it is now much harder to counter initiate since you are squishy when not in Rage Mode. Let enemies try to kill you first then if you are alive, you can use ult while they are still gathered around you.

7. Two tank team is now much more recommended when the other Tank is Minotaur. Have a secondary tank like Belerick or Uranus.

8. The reason why Minotaur was nerf is that he is so popular. They've balanced Minotaur so that other players may consider choosing other Tanks that can be played just like Minotaur. Which tank is worth considering as a substitute to Minotaur? It is Tigreal. They both have AoE CC.

By AdminGanda / Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide