Mobile Legends Moniyan Empire World Map


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Jul 7, 2019
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Though it has not regained its former glory, the reborn Moniyan Empire is still the most important political force on the Land of Dawn.

Castle Atlas / Lumina City (Capital of the Moniyan Empire)

Lumina City is the capital of the Moniyan Empire, the most prosperous place in the Land of Dawn, and also the political and trade center of the whole continent. Businessmen, poets, and travelers of all races gather here. The magnificent and wide Oracle Plaza can accommodate tens of thousands of people for large-scale opportunities to witness and celebrate the triumphs of

Heroes. Heroes: Tigreal, Fanny, Kimmy, Lesley, Rafaela, Harith

Monastery of Light (An ancient religious shrine)

Built by the Moniyans who believed in the Lord of Light. At the beginning of the establishment of the Church of Light, the old believers and pastors used the Monastery of Light as the venue to perform various ancient and mysterious religious ceremonies. Later, the Holy Order moved from the monastery and came to Lumina City. Some people who upheld ancient doctrines returned to Guangming Monastery and followed the most stringent ancient doctrines.

Heroes: Alucard, Granger, Natalia

Castle Aberleen (A mysterious city in the southern Moniyan Empire)

Castle Aberleen is located in the southern part of the Empire, close to the Land of Despair. It is shrouded in a faint mist all year round, giving it an air of mystery and unpredictability. Castle Aberdeen is the traditional fief of House Paxley, the Duchy of the South. House Paxley is one of the oldest noble families in the Empire. They have a decisive influence in the Empire, but they act with a low profile.

Heroes: Gusion, Cecilion, Carmilla

Castle Gorge (Western Capital of the Moniyan Empire)

Castle Gorge is located in the southwest of the Moniyan Empire. It is the western capital of the empire, and the largest city in the Moniyan Empire after Lumina City. Castle Gorge got its name from the west being rich and full of gold mines. At present, Castle Gorge is ruled by House Laroque. As the oldest noble family in the Empire, House Laroque has ruled the West from the beginning of the Golden Era.

Heroes: Lancelot, Guinevere

Castle Grandrock (A city built on a giant rock)

Castle Grandrock is located in the northern port of the Empire, connecting the Moniyan Empire with the trade and economic exchanges of the Northern Vale in the north. The so-called Castle Grandrock is a city built on a big rock. The huge rock section and solid city walls make it super defensive. It is currently under the jurisdiction of House Vance, which is named the Duchy of the North.

Heroes: Lesley

Azure Lake | Blue Lakeside (A beautiful lake in the southeast of the Moniyan Empire)

Azure Lake is located in the southeastern part of the Empire. Its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate make it an ideal place to live and cultivate. Once ruled by the Elves, the noble House Alvin now lives here in seclusion. They never participate in political activities within the Empire. As the collateral blood relatives of the Moniyan Empire royal family, they secretly guard the secrets of the royal bloodline.

Heroes: Odette

Black Forest (An ancient forest)

A dense and primitive ancient forest, no one know what lies inside it. Because it has been occupied by werewolves, no one dares to venture into this forest. Occassionally, the howling of one or two wolves resounds throughout the heavens.

Heroes: Roger, Ruby

Alaghat (Hometown of the Yasson)

Heroes: Karrie