Mobile Legends MSC 2024 Exclusive skin Valentina Dark Nexus obtainable for free via tasks

The Esports World Cup 2024 has the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game as part of it. Every year, the MLBB game holds its mid-year international tournament called MSC which is now known as the Mid Season Cup. There are also events done in-game so even the audiences or just the MLBB players in general are immersed in this prestigious annual event. One of the MSC events in-game is the so-called MSC Pass. There is a free version of the pass along with a premium or paid version. Players need to accomplish certain conditions in-game to level up the pass in either version to get rewards. Here are some of the information about the MSC Pass 2024 which is scheduled to be released on June 26, 2024.


The MLBB game already revealed this year’s MSC 2024 Exclusive skin which would be Valentina - Dark Nexus. The revelation was made via the skin’s preview posted in the game’s official YouTube channel. The preview showed the skin’s skill effects and its overall visuals in-game. The MSC 2024 Exclusive skin is in a similar tier to the likes of Event-limited Epic skins. Similar to last year’s MSC Pass, players may be able to get skin for free this year by completing tasks in-game which includes but not limited to, the prediction event. Predicting the winner of the matches to be featured in-game that rewards MSC Pass level-up will help players to be able to obtain Valentina - Dark Nexus for free. There will also be other tasks that players need to keep in check daily for the duration of MSC 2024.


For those who will purchase the MSC Pass 2024 in order to get this exclusive skin easier, the pass will be discounted for a few days after its release on June 26. The discounted price is expected to be 719 diamonds. Players should also be able to find the MSC 2024 event in-game easily as it is expected to have a shortcut icon in the Homepage or can be found in the Events Tab once the event is launched. There are also expected to be in-game items for collections, exchange, and such in which this year, one of those exclusive items might be treasure boxes. Such items could give players a chance to obtain rewards such as the previous MSC pass exclusive skin, Pharsa - Hierophant, featured last 2023.

The actual MSC 2024 tournament will begin on June 28, 2024 until July 14, 2024 hosted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Games will be live-streamed in official social media accounts or in-game. Players need to be updated to the actual tournament too since they can participate in the knockout tournament guessing game which helps them receive rewards in-game.

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