Mobile Legends MSC Tournament Pass Event - Join to get Claude's Exclusive Skin and other rewards for free

As the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will held the MSC 2021 Tournament, there will also be an in-game event for all of the players. There are many rewards that awaits and even free-to-play players can get great rewards. Here are the details of the event.


The MSC 2021 Exclusive Skin is Claude - Earth's Mightiest. This skin can be obtained immediately upon purchasing the Tournament Pass. This pass costs 749 diamonds. The benefits of purchasing this pass aside from getting the exclusive skin upon purchase is that there will be extra 200 MSC Coins and double the coins to be obtained after completing tasks.

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The MSC coin gives chance to free-to-play players to even obtain the skin and other exclusive rewards. Claude - Earth's Mightiest skin can be obtained after collecting 1,800 coins and exchanging it in the event's store.

Other exclusive rewards includes MSC 2021 Avatar Border for 1,000 coins, MSC 2021 Emote for 200 coins, and Claude's MSC Sacred Statue for 650 coins. The Exchange Store can be found at the upper left side of the MSC Tournament Pass event's main screen.

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The rules state how players can obtain MSC Coins. The first way to collect coins is to finish tasks everyday. Free-to-play players will get 1,170 coins while those who purchased the tournament pass will get extra 1,370 coins.

The second way is to pre-register and log-in on set dates. Pre-register now to get 50 coins. Logging in on June 7, 2021 will give players another 50 coins and on June 12, 2021, an extra 100 coins.

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The third way is to predict the winner of the matches. Correct predictions will give players a total of 610 coins if all of the winners of every matches is predicted correctly.

This means free-to-play players can obtain a total of 1,170 + 200 + 610 = 1,980 coins. There is even 180 coins extra if ever you miss some tasks or guess incorrectly in the prediction. Players just need 1,800 coins to get the exclusive skin for free.

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Whether you are a free-to-play player or wanted to purchase the tournament pass to show your support to the game, everyone is welcome to join and claim rewards.

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