Mobile Legends Natan buffs in the recent original server update along with adjustments in July 2022 hotfix

Natan fell in terms of viability not only because of several adjustments but also because of the changes in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang overall battlefield. Bulkier heroes suddenly became popular and Natan is not a hero that can reliably burst them or be a bulky hero himself. Thus, Natan received buffs from the huge update released along with the revamped Necrokeep heroes and he also received additional buffs in the hotfix. Here is the summary of his adjustments.


1. From Patch 1.6.94 Original Server

[Natan] (↑)
Natan will be slicing through space and time with even greater power all thanks to a slight damage boost.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Base Damage: 150-450 >> 175-500

Based on how the developers adjusted another marksman hero which is Claude in the previous updates, it seems they are following a certain standard or threshold in adjusting heroes. They have been very careful not to overbuff Natan since it might return to dominate the game in an unhealthy way because of his versatility. At his previous peak, Natan is one of the best jungler and gold laner, if not the best, and is also very viable as a midlaner. Thus, the developers just added 25 points in his damage at skill 1 level 1 and 50 points in max level. The scaling looks like this: from 150/210/270/330/390/450 to 175/240/305/370/435/500. The scaling was increased from 60 to 65.


2. From the July 2022 Hotfix

[Natan] (↑)
Natan's been struggling to find his footing even after the previous buffs. We hope the adjustment this time could be the final piece to helping him procure his rightful place.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Base Damage: 175-500 >> 200-500

This is where the threshold will come in. With Claude, the threshold they limit him is with only 199 damage in his ability to be able to do around 8 basic attacks in 3 seconds. Thus here in Natan, the base damage of his skill 1 is buffed from 175 at level 1 to 200 but the scaling is reduced so in max level, it will stay at 500. The scaling is brought back from 65 to 60. Here is what the new scaling look like as per based damage each level: from 175/240/305/370/435/500 to 200/260/320/380/440/500. Overall, this is still a buff in his early to mid game.

Those are the summary and the breakdown on the buffs to Natan. This hero is somehow overshadowed by the adjustments to the Necrokeep heroes and other midlaners. Hope this gives him enough spotlight and players have become more aware that Natan was buffed and understood the reasoning behind the buffs.

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