Mobile Legends Network Troubleshoot + New AFK Penalties

There is nothing more annoying than experiencing a network problem right in the middle of the most crucial part of your game. MLBB players know how frustrating it is when a team clash is happening and suddenly your screen just freezes with the infamous "Reconnecting" phrase slam itself in your face.

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Afterward, the desire to throw your phone is already at peak with your enemies already wipe out all your team because you end up not giving that much crucial attack or skill for your play.

A network problem is one of the common problems that anyone can encounter in online games. Dealing with it, however, may not as hard as you think. MLBB detected several causes of this nagging problem which is a good way to start your troubleshooting so that you can get back to your game right away.

Network Operator

Whether you are connected via online thru PLDT or Converge, network problems do happen sometimes due to the fluctuation which is the culprit is your network operator themselves. The best thing to do here is to monitor your Wi-Fi connection and routers and if you detect something unusual, report to your operator immediately to get you back online again.

Network Congestion

Network congestion happens when numerous individuals tag along with the network which causes it to slow down in the worst way. This usually happens particularly during peak hours or days where most people are into their gadgets and devices (commonly during night time and weekends). Congestion is a bit tricky to handle and the best way to deal with it is to pick a gaming hour where fewer gamers are log in.

The catch though is it may affect the matching system and take you a couple of minutes before finding any opponents.

Teammates From Other Countries

Having many players joining the match from other countries can also affect your game since these people use different serves which, depending on their quality, can ruin your whole game. There are also individuals who said that using a VPN can cause a lagging and network problem for other gamers in the match.

This problem is somehow out of your hands but as I observe now in MLBB, most of your teammates during match-up are all from the Philippines unlike before so I think we are safe for now in this one.

Wi-Fi/Mobile Data Signal

One of the real banes of mobile gaming nowadays is having a very poor Wi-Fi and Data signal that would really plague you for a lifetime especially in RG. One of the reasons why this happens especially for that Wi-Fi is that multiple users are connected to your network during the moment. A simple way to solve this is to restart your device or switch your data/wi-fi on and off.

Make sure also to find the best spot in your area that has the strongest signal and stick with it. Of course, if all of the above doesn't work, you can always call your internet provider to help you solve your problem.

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But there is one more thing that you can still do to help you boost your network and have a smooth game for hours. MLBB currently open 2 features that can greatly resolve all your network woes. One is their Speed Mode which allows you to experience less lag in the game and the other one is Network Boost which utilizes both Wi-Fi and 4G signal.

The game will automatically switch between the two just in case one of them starts to get worse. You can access these features in the Settings Menu under the Network Setting Option.

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A word of warning though: both can consume more of your data so use them wisely especially if you are playing under a Data Cap.

In addition to the Network Problem Troubleshooting, players are also given a notice previously that there are new rules and punishing regarding AFK behaviors in the game.

For the first time AFK, players will not be able to go for a match and RG for 5 minutes. If you did AFK twice in RG, you will be banned for the whole day. Take note also that less activity during the match even if you are not having a network problem may cause you to receive an AFK warning too so try as much as you can to stay active by racking up some kills.

We are hopeful these tips will be helpful for all you to fully enjoy playing MLBB. If you want to add more tips and guides, just head on to the comment section and share it with everyone here at Pinoygamers.