Mobile Legends new creep you should prioritize to kill! The Lithowanderer

Have you played solo queue using a mana hungry hero like Lunox and Gusion but your teammates do not give you the purple buff? Read this guide to further understand the solution to that issue.

The Lithowanderer is considered only as a common creep. But do not let the word "only" solely defines what this little creep can do. It won't attack you if you attack it but the buff it gives makes you win most of the teamfights.

Description: Lithowanderer

Appears: 35s in River
Respawns every 2 mins

Creep loots: Walkie Grass
Heroes within the 6-unit range will restore 2% HP and Mana every second. 3%HP for Minions. Buff lasts for 20s

There are two Lithowanderer locations. One is at the left which is considered to be in ally location while the right one is for the enemies.


It is because the purple buff monsters are near to it.

Why is it a priority?

It gives HP and Mana Regen that is very helpful in teamfights and even in pushing lanes.

All allies in range, including minions, will get the mana and HP regen.

It is also more exposed to the enemy than the purple and red buff that is why it should be secured as early as possible.

Tactics about the Lithowanderer and the Walkie Grass Buff
  1. After clearing the first midlane wave, kill the lithowanderer before getting the purple buff so that you and your ally will still have lots of health after killing the buff.
  2. When planning to invade buff, kill lithowanderer first to have an advantage.
  3. When planning to kill the turtle and lord, kill lithowanderer.
  4. When switching lanes, kill lithowanderer so that when you arrive at the lane, ally minions will be healed to help you to push.
  5. For midlaners that are ganking solo defended sidelanes, kill lithowanderer to have more chance of succeeding.
  6. Instead of recalling, kill lithowanderer to regen HP and Mana. Don't worry because even if you have 1 HP, you won't be killed by lithowanderer because it won't attack you.
  7. Hide in the bush in midlane. When the lithowanderer is being killed by enemies, the team can steal it.
  8. Playing solo queue and teammates do not give you the purple buff for your mana hungry hero? Then kill lithowanderer for your Lunox or anything that you are using that has currently low mana and HP.
Overall, this new jungle creep has a lot of uses if compared from other common jungle creeps. The walkie grass buff it gives is a game changer so make sure to secure it and steal it away from the enemies. Did you like the idea that they added this jungle creep?