Mobile Legends New Discount Event - Coupon Pass price, Perks, and Usage Guide preview

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is coming up with a new discount event to be launched in the global server this June 2024. In the game’s official YouTube channel, they officially announced and posted a sneak peek about the upcoming “Coupon Pass”. This is a new way for players to be able to buy skins and other resources in-game at a discount. Based on the sneak peek, Coupon Pass is scheduled to be available starting June 8, 2024 until August 31, 2024. Here’s some of the information shared in the sneak peek video about the details of this upcoming event.


As the name implies, this pass will be giving coupons on those that will purchase it. The pass costs 4.99 USD (price may vary due to foreign currencies exchange rates) which is similar to the price of Starlight pass. The coupons in which players can use to obtain some skins at a discounted price will be around 1800 diamonds in total. Normally, 1800 diamonds cost about 30 USD at a regular price so this event is indeed a great discount event. Upon purchasing the Coupon Pass, players would get the initial 200 Diamonds Skin Coupon. Players can use this to purchase the buyable Epic skins, Special, and Elite skins at a discounted price.


The other details about the actual rules on how to obtain more coupons and extra perks can be read in-game once the event is available on the original server. The game also teased in the video that there will also be Coupons dedicated to the Jujutsu Kaisen collab encore and MSC event. However, the Coupons can only be used in purchasing own skins for the player and not apply if the one purchasing intends to gift it. If used on skins below 200 diamonds, the 200-Diamond Coupon would be consumed as a whole and no refund for the difference would be given.


It is important also for players to take note that coupons are time-limited. Make sure to check the details in-game as the duration on which the coupons will be valid will be noted in there. More details about this event will come up either in the game’s in-game mail in the patch notes or in the actual Rules page in the event tab. This upcoming Coupon Pass is scheduled to last until August 31, 2024 so be sure to exhaust the materials obtained during the event before that date too.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!