Mobile Legends New Dragon Tamer skin Empyrean Flame - Lancelot, the 6th member of this skin series

The Dragon Tamer is a skin series in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang featuring heroes with their clothing in-themed with dragons. Lancelot will now join Estes, Kimmy, Ling, Masha, and Valir as the tamer of the purple lightning dragon. The trailer has been released in the official ML: BB YouTube channel that highlights the features of this skin. Here are the notable details for this Empyrean Flame skin.


Lancelot will be wearing a purple armor with a bit dark contrast. To balance the coloring, his hair is changed into a silver white color. His weapon is also radiating a purple light which has similar radiation from the glowing purple dragon spikes in his body armor. This weapon will also be highlighted in the skill effects of this skin.


Similar with the other Dragon Tamer skins, Lancelot can also summon the purple lightning dragon spirits to beautify his attacks. His first skill features the tail of the dragon that will damage the target while he dashes. The dragon spirits also appear when he uses Thorned Rose, his second skill. Wrapping it up is his ultimate skill wherein the dragon's wings will help Lancelot lunged forward and damage all the enemies in the Area of Effect.

Here is the official skin trailer of Lancelot - Empyrean Flame:

The trailer did not mention the date of release of this skin. The current patch note in the original server though says that Lancelot - Empyrean Flame will be available in-game starting September 8, 2022, ML: BB Server Time. The original cost is 899 diamonds and there will be a 30% OFF in its launch week. Expect this to come in-game and will be found in the Shop.

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