Mobile Legends New Feature The Land of Dawn World Map


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Nov 13, 2018
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The Land of Dawn World Map has been officially released!

Unlocked: Agelta Drylands

The rest of the map will be unlocked on November. Stay tuned!

Agelta Drylands:

Ruins of Tivacan, the ancient city where the tyrant Khufra was sealed
Heroes: Khufra

Minoan Maze, the ruins of the Minotaurs
Heroes: Aldous, Lunox, Minotaur

Wind Fort, Fire Throat, a prosperous western city
Heroes: Vale, Valir

the Oasis, a desert oasis
Heroes: Belerick

Stargate Valley, the Astrologers' residence
Heroes: Esmeralda

Emerald Road, the destroyed trade route
Heroes: Khaleed, Moskov

Los Pecados, a disorderly and chaotic western city
Heroes: Claude, Clint, Mathilda

Misty Mountains, the hometown of the Centaurs
Heroes: Hylos

Eruditio, an advanced city of science
Heroes: Bruno, Chou, Diggie, Johnson, Layla, Lolita