Mobile Legends New Hero Barts

Guild of Guardians

Jae Dy

Casual Gamer
Jul 4, 2020
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We have a new hero tank/fighter in advance server and he's called Barts. Barts has a dinosaur partner and its name is Rahal but based on his background story, Rahal is actually a dragon. Anyway, let's check out his skills. So this hero will slap you with his tongue. His first skill is named, So-Called Teamwork and it damages and slows enemies in a fan-shaped area. The first part of the damage is from Rahal where he spits oil. And then Barts will light up the oil by throwing firecrackers. His 2nd skill is called Missile Expert and it launches missiles to a designated area. Once it lands, it can push enemies from where the missiles came from. I think this skill is too strong. Kaja and Franco would be very jealous of this skill. And it has an extremely short cooldown of 8 seconds at max level. You can easily pull anyone within the skill's range.

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Credits to Elgin Production