Mobile Legends New Hero Fredrinn Leaked in the Advanced Server

A new hero for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been leaked by dataminers. The new hero named Fredrinn is classified as a Tank-Fighter and is currently being tested on the advanced server of Mobile Legends. Fredrinn may be arriving in the game sometime this August.


As Fredrinn is still being tested, his ability effects and in-game models are yet to be finalized. To get a first look at what Fredrinn can currently do, you can sneak a peek through the YouTube video posted by OzaRess.

Just like every hero, Fredrinn has three basic abilities and one ultimate and these are:
  • The first one seems like a ranged ability that slashes enemies. The ability is quite long-range considering Fredrinn is a melee hero.
  • The second is a dash ability that can knock up enemies. It also deals continuous damage to enemies when the ability is used.
  • The third is quite interesting as it can only be used after gaining “Combo Points”, which can be gained by using enough abilities or hitting enemies. It’s kind of a Taunt ability as it makes the enemies within the area attack you.
  • The ultimate is like the third ability as it can only be activated after stacking four Combo Points. The ability has a wide cone-shaped AoE (Area of Effect) range that damages enemies within its proximity.

Keep in mind that Fredrinn is still under development. None of his abilities are finalized and a lot of changes may be implemented to this Tank-Fighter hero. His playstyle may change once his finally released in the regular server.