Mobile Legends New Hero Valentina Hero Spotlight - Quick Guide to reach Mythic rank

Valentina is featured in the latest "Hero Spotlight" posted in the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. A quick review on her skills and gameplay was done to highlight her to the new players. Here are the details from the spotlight video.


Valentina's passive is a heal/buff skill. She will gain EXP and also heal her HP in some conditions. Her skill 1 is not only a damage skill but also provides CC which is a "Terrified" effect. Her skill 2 is a blink that can also deal damage and reduce the cooldown of her skill 1. Her signature skill, "I Am You" ultimate skill, which will make her turn into the enemy hero's form.


For the recommended build, it include items such as Magic Shoes and Enchanted Talisman for Cooldown Reduction, Clock of Destiny and Bloodwings for damage and durability, Concentrated Energy for lifesteal, and Holy Crystal for maximum damage output.


Check out the hero spotlight for the full details and gameplay demo.

Valentina is indeed going to be an X-Factor with her ultimate skill. That is a game-changer and opens up many possibilities about her gameplay.

Hope this helps and stay tuned for more of these informative contents!